17 Wishes For My Little


You mean the world to me, and I hope you know that. I want nothing less than the world for you, and I know that you’re strong enough, smart enough, and driven enough to take it.

17. I wish that your heart never hurts.

However, I know that it will. I will be by your side when it does, though, and you will survive it.

16. I wish that you will give back to our sisterhood as much as it has given you.

Take on leadership roles, attend every event you can, spend time just sitting with your sisters. Every opportunity to create special bonds with the girls in our chapter should be taken.

15. I wish that you will sometimes be irresponsible.

Go out on a Wednesday. Stay up till 3 AM before an early morning class for no good reason. Buy that shirt that’s a tiny bit out of your price range. Don’t do this every day, obviously, but occasionally it’s fun to break the rules.

14. I wish that you will wear your letters with pride.

One of my favorite quotes about Greek Life is this: “When your letters are in front of you, you know your sisters are behind you.” I hope you never forget this.



Dear Little: You’re MY Role model

Dearest Little,

My sweet sweet Lil Baby Em! What can I say to you right now? Well I can say that i love you more than words could probably describe. I know that I have to take a few calming deep breaths with you but most of the time I’m asking myself how did such an amazing being end up in my life?I know they say that the big sisters in these kind of relationships are suppose to be the mentor, the leader, and the role model. Well that is all gravy, yet I feel that one role has been switched. You have became my role model.


Before I met you I’ve never thought I could look up to someone younger. It just seemed like a contradiction to me. If I am the older one than I assumed that I had the responsibility of being the role model for whoever was younger than me especially when it came to my little. After I found out that I’d be your big you asked me to go dancing Wednesday night and I swore to myself that I would never ever do that as long as I was in college yet I went because it made you happy. All my friends that were there and that were apart of Greek life said that you were a smaller version of me and the tickled me a little bit. After that night I saw you in another light. I began to see all the potential that you had to offer and how you had such excitement when you had a task to complete. That excitement was so contagious that it made me want to be a happy person even when I had to do the most painful thing. You are such a hard worker it’s crazy how you maintain your sanity. I see you running from cheer, to class, to chapter events, back to cheer, work, and family things. Yet no matter how much stuff you have put on your plate you succeed with flying colors. This makes me think, “If my little can do it then there is no excuse for me to fail!” You motivate me in the smallest ways and it’s so crazy to me. I’ve never been a very affectionate person even towards my family, but again you set the mold on how to act towards everyone especially family. I have never seen anyone who is so locked into their family, especially their younger siblings. You show your family, blood and Greek, unconditional love and sometimes that can be the hardest thing ever and it has never been a thought in your mind that whatever they needed you would not turn them away.


I think it’s a little funny that we are kind of opposites if you think about it. I am all about rules, deadlines, to-do lists, etc and you live a carefree life and open the door to fun when it comes knocking and I wish that I could loosen up like you whenever a chance to laugh and cut lose with friends comes along. I have noticed that you have gotten me to go with you to a lot more functions in this past year more than I would have gone to on my own in the past three years. Your light attitude has shown me that life is short, we’re in college, and to not regret anything. it has been a process but I’m getting better at life with you by my side.

You have shown me how to love, to smile, to laugh, to dance with strangers, and to live my life. Because if you think about it Drake was right, you do only live once and my body won’t be able to keep up with my young spirit at the tender age of 80. So little, thank you for pushing me out of my comfort zone and making me want to be like you, to be a better person for myself and the people in my life.

Always and Forever,

Your Big.


What it really means to be a big

Being a big means so much more than just crafting and photo-ops and many sisters often forget this. I’m here to set the record straight on what it really means to be a big. To all the future bigs out there, in the most basic terms a big is defined as, “A mentor for a new member within a sorority”. The problem is we hear about far too many problem bigs out there because of a lack of understanding of this definition and what it really means for both the big and little involved.

You should not become a big if you aren’t actively involved in and dedicated to your sorority. You also should not become a big if you aren’t willing to be flexible. Being a big many times comes down to being flexible from the matching process to family traditions. Say you don’t get your first choice little and you end up with a girl you never even remember meeting during recruitment. Or maybe your little is a non-traditional student that is older than you. No matter what the matching process throws at you as far as a new little is concerned keep in mind that you may not be instantly best friends with them. Think about it though. How many of the friends in your life already did you instantly click with? Those relationships took time to grow so the same principles will apply to your big/little relationship. Go on “dates” with your little like you would with friends such as taking her to see a movie, rock-climbing at the campus gym, or grabbing coffee at a local cafe. Ask questions, listen, and really get to know your little so that you can help better integrate her into your family line. Share what you learn with your big and grand big so they can get to know your little too.

The position of big within a family is one that is very important. It’s an honor to be able to have a girl within the sorority you love that looks up to you so absolutely and that will carry on your family line one day. You are there to listen, share advice, go on adventures, and ultimately always be there for her. You are her mentor and that means you should be striving to do everything you can to better your sorority so she will want to do the same. Run for an executive position, apply to be a part of the order of omega, be an active participant in philanthropy events. Whatever you choose to get involved in make sure you are setting a good example and avoiding meetings with standards as much as you can.

Being a big relies a lot on your time management and juggling skills as well. Between sorority events, work meetings, and lecture classes you lead a hectic life but your little must always be on your mind. This leads us to the quandary of taking twins or a second little. It may seem like fun initially having a larger family and growing your line however there are many things you should consider. If you choose to take twins or a second little at a different time you must consider the monetary costs, always avoid favoritism, and know how to divide your time. You must treat your littles as both individuals and as a part of your family unit.

Being thoughtful is important to being a good big as well. This doesn’t always mean gifting your little a sweater. It may mean bringing her cookies you made, helping her study her biology flashcards, or comforting her when she’s feeling down. Remembering what is going on in your little’s life is crucial to being able to assist her with these things so write everything down from her birthday to her favorite snacks to her class schedule. Learning more about your little will help you down the line when times get tough. Your little may get sent to standards, have a disagreement with your house mom, or have a fight with a sister over an election that didn’t go her way. When these things happen you need to be there to defend your little’s character and share every nice thing you know about her. Instead of turning against her you need to stick up for her and be her ally. That said, if your little is in the wrong and continues to make bad decisions, you need to step up as her mentor and big to set her straight. If you do your job right she will thank you when your GPA improves, she gets that great exec position, or finds her perfect guy. It may not be easy to confront her about these things but no one said it would be so don’t take the responsibility lightly.

As your little’s mentor and guide to Greek life you must also not get in her way. Teach her Greek terms, tell her which fraternity brothers to avoid, and all about her grand big but avoid giving her advice that is selfish in nature. Don’t tell her that she shouldn’t run for a certain position just because you want to or be too nosy when she is choosing a little one day. Give her room to breathe and make her own decisions while being ready to assist her when she really needs you. Always include her in family traditions and teach her all about the meaning behind them. This could be anything from nicknames you’ve given each other to crafts you make for future additions to the family that are unique to your line. Always make your little feel special and included no matter what else is going on in your life or your family line.

To all the current and future bigs out there:

Good luck! 


Why Getting Your Little Is The Best Christmas Present Around

Getting your little is a very special occasion. There is a lot of build-up involved with all the crafting, drinking, theme choosing, activity planning, and pairing. You may even be wrapping yourself up in Christmas wrapping paper to surprise your little with your presence upon your reveal. There are numerous reasons why getting your little is just like sorority Christmas for all the future bigs out there waiting.

I’m here to name just a few:

10. They’ll be in your life forever. 


Because it’s not just four years… it’s for life. You’ll love them forever and like them for always of course. Whether she transfers, loses sight of her purpose, or makes some bad decisions along the way, you’ll be there for her.

9. She will always give you the best advice. 

big lil 4

You might be her mentor, but she can teach you a thing or two as well. You most likely will be very close in age, so you will share similar experiences but have different takes. She may be good at knitting whereas you may be a pro at random football facts and history. Sharing with each other will only help the both of you become better people and sisters. The big-little relationship is all about this growth as sisters, students, community members, and individuals!

8. She will be there for you through thick and thin. 


Whether you break up with your boyfriend, fail your midterm, break your leg, or have a big fight with your girlfriend, your little will be there for you because you would do the same for her. Just like your biological family, you would drop anything to help your sorority family.

7. You’ll get to share them with the rest of your sorority family! 

family 2

Your big, grandbig, and great grandbig will be just as excited as you to meet the new addition to your family! They will always be there to teach you how to be the best big you can be to the perfect little.

6. She will always compliment you when you really need it. swim

Sometimes you just need to hear that you look great in that swimsuit or that your little black dress does not make you look fat. Whether you’re feeling down or have gained a little winter weight from all those holiday cookies, she always thinks you look absolutely fantastic.



5 Ways to Prepare for a Little

Getting a Little in a sorority is a big deal. It’s scary and exciting all at the same time, and there’s nothing you can do about it. Once you get a Little, it’s like having a kid… (Kind of but not really). BOOM, you now have someone who is yours and you have a special bond between the two of you. There truly is no way to properly, and fully, prepare for a Little, but some of these things might help you at least get an idea.


5. Brush up on your sorority knowledge.

This means dates, founders, fun facts, chapter rules, etc. They’re new to this whole sorority thing and it is part of your responsibility as a Big to make sure they are representing the sorority in a positive way in every way possible.





Pros and Cons of Having a Senior Big

It’s that time of year again. Bigs are getting littles, littles are getting bigs, grand bigs are getting grand littles, and even great grand bigs are getting great grand littles. If you’re getting a big this year then you’re probably thinking about your options of girls in the sorority. Maybe you’re even thinking you want one of the senior girls as your big. You talk all of the time, watch all of the same movies, and she’s looking for a second chance at having her perfect little or is hoping to add another. Whatever the case is, you should know there are some pros and cons of having a senior big.


5. They will be the best mentor possible for you in the sorority!


4. They can give you sorority advice on everything from running for sorority leadership positions to trying to be a fraternity’s sweetheart.

exec 2next


Reasons Why Your Big Is the Best Person Ever

10. She Gives the Best Advice

From boys to classes, your Big will always be there to steer you in the right direction with her wise words of wisdom.

9. She’s Always There for You

Whether you’re next to each other or in a different country your Big will always be there.

8. She Spoils You

It all starts with being showered with gifts, and it never really ends.

7. She’s Made Some Questionable Decisions with You

You two don’t always make the best decisions, but you make them together and stick to your guns. #tequila

6. She Always Listens

No matter the topic she will listen to you go on and on for hours without complaining



A letter to my Big

Dear Big,

I’m going to try so hard not to make this sound like a love letter. But let’s face it, you’re my big and there’s a whole lot of love in this sisterhood! Normally, I am not great with expressing my feelings in any way, shape, or form, so with that being said, please bear with me on this letter.

For starters, before you became my big, I was terrified of who was soon to become mine. Although I absolutely loved the idea, it was hard to imagine having someone there to help me with things that I didn’t even know I needed help with. When I was asked who I wanted my Big to be, I honestly had no idea who I wanted. In all honesty, I was secretly hoping it would be someone who had some of the same interests as I did. She had to understand how much I love my family, and that right after them comes school. She had to understand that I will choose staying at home and watching Netflix and (or?) doing homework instead of going out. That I would much rather go out to eat than go to the gym. And most importantly that I value friendship more than anything else. I know that’s a lot to ask, but considering majority of the girls I had talked to had similar values, I wasn’t too worried. However, in a situation where there are just so many girls to choose from I truly had no idea who I wanted.

I will admit the first time I met you, I was hesitant about the situation. I wasn’t 100% sure if you and I would end up getting along in the long run, and that scared me. I had heard stories of sisters claiming that even to this day they don’t have a close bond with their Big and I felt bad for them because that honestly sucks. As the oldest in my family, I wanted to know what it was like to have a big sister, and being a sorority was going to help with that. So, yes, I did have very high expectations!

On the night of Big/Little reveal, I was honestly SUPER excited to find out that were officially mine!! Even though I had suspicions before that you were in fact my Big, I wasn’t entirely sure. I couldn’t have been any happier because I knew who you were and all that there was about you. I love the fact that you enjoy nerdy action movies just as much as I do. We both have crazy hectic studying schedules and somehow we still make time for each other. You feel my pain when I say that I want to do things but I am too lazy to do them. Last but certainly not least, you make an effort.

On that note, comes my next point. You are the greatest Big than anyone could ask for. You spoil me rotten with crafts and gifts, you come to me with any sort of crazy, exciting, or random news. We laugh, we probably will cry, gossip, and strive to succeed in our futures. Somehow you managed to check off every item on my crazy “Dream Big” checklist. I’m truly thankful for you, and I just wanted you to know that. We’re closer than I could have ever imagined and I truly look to you as the big sister I’ve always wanted! I will always support you in everything you do, and I will always be the person you can rely on. I love the bond we have and hope it stays that way forever!

With so so so much love,

Your Little <3


To My Future Little



Everyone has gone through it or is going through it right now, waiting on their future little. We’ve all wondered about her and when the time comes, we hope we will love her more than we already do right now. That is my current state, thinking about my future little. Here are just a few of the things I want to let her know.


5. I hope you love your crafts.

IMG_2141[1]Whether you are crafty or not, crafting for someone can be very stressful. The amount of canvases and picture frames that are made for littles yearly are astronomical. I just hope they are as appreciated as they deserve to be because let’s face it, spending weeks on crafting for anyone is hard work. If slaving over 25 crafts isn’t a sign of love, I don’t know what is. (P.s. sorry for all of the cliché sorority quotes).

4. I am here for you

big-lilThe purpose of a big is to mentor and guide their little in helping them get adjusted in the sorority. It can be overwhelming meeting a big group of women and there is no one better to look up to than the person who has been waiting for you and has been there before? Little, I am always right there when you need me.

3. I don’t care if we don’t have much in common


We all hear nightmares about Bigs and Littles not getting along but that will not be the case for us. I do not care if you are super into collecting bugs or if you only eat food imported from foreign countries, you are my little and that is all that matters. As long as there is a mutual respect, I am down to do whatever you want. Oh, and if we argue, just know that I will be over it in five seconds and will probably text you “love me” with a frowny face emoji.

2. We don’t have to be attached at the hip

IMG_2150[1]Of course spending time with you will be important but, spending every waking moment together is unnecessary. An important part about being in a sorority is knowing that it is a sisterhood and sisterhoods are not mean to cliquey. Branching out is important so it will not kill me or you to reach out the sister who is from the same state as you. The more sisters you get to know the better! Just make sure that I’m your number one at the end of the day. 😉

1. You will be spoiled

IMG_2142[1]There is no doubt that every little needs to be spoiled by their loving big. Aside from the crap load of crafts you will be receiving, your first pair of letters will be coming from me. Whether they are bought or handmade, just know they are a thoughtful gift. During Big/Little reveal, you will be receiving all of your favorite candies, cute little favors, and plenty of family pictures. If you think that is a lot, just wait until you are initiated.



To My and Every Big Out There

I love you. Your little(s) love you. More than a four letter word could even describe. In trying something new and writing something that hundreds of sorority women will read, I have one BIG shout out to make and I bet you guessed who it’s to.

There’s one girl who changed my life the second I met her. I just went through a tough 3 day recruitment (it sounds pleasant to have a shorter recruitment but it gets 10 times more rushed… get it?) and found my home just like that. It was pure insanity on bid day. My pledge class just doubled the size of my chapter! I was screaming and hugging people I have never met. I took pictures in front of giant glitter letters doing a weird thing with my hands, and had that glitter permanently in my room (Sorry new occupants of CSULB K-115, it’s all with love). In this madness of course I was going to snap chat it, it was the third week of school and I needed to show my high school friends that I’m meeting at least one person. So I just took a picture of the madness and BAM! There she was.

Photo Sep 09, 7 21 15 PM (2)

Like I said, madness all in pink shirts! And that girl who did a perfect photobomb that I still give props for to this day changed my life. I quickly saved the picture and we laughed, took a selfie because obviously, and then finally introduced ourselves. By the end of the night we had each other’s number and were texting the next day. Then she took me to my first night or fraternity party hopping that weekend. I was hooked. Just like that I found someone that I knew nothing was going to split us up. That was even before I had time to think about a big sis.

By the time the lists for big sisters came around I freaked out. I already knew I loved this girl in a scary way. Like everyone I’m scared of commitment and freaked out and actually didn’t put her as my number one (Because she was a junior so I’d only have two years with her? Because I was scared she wouldn’t want me? Because I’m just crazy? All of the above?). The next day I woke up and hated myself. That’s when I KNEW she needed to be mine and I thought I messed everything up.

Time came along for our anonymous big sister page to terrorize communicate with the new members and I truly had no idea. Then clues came along and with subtle things I got hopes of “could it really be her?!” like talking about the sandals I never take off. After my first clue we had lunch and she treated me to it, and sadly informed me that she wasn’t getting a little and was so upset about it. There is nothing worse you could hear your number one say.

Days pass and I still talk to her with skepticism in every message and my Sherlock cap on. In my school basically everyone has a Disneyland pass, but one day I knew she was going to Disneyland with her boyfriend and that night the big sis page messaged me. Eager as always I quickly responded and something was different, I saw that it was sent from Anaheim (gotcha biggie 😉 ). My heart flew and I ran to tell my roommate who somehow knew that was my big and had a smug smile on her face.

A few days later was the big/lil reveal and finally she was mine! I got to get her out of a box with my wonderful twin and she was there. I could officially call her my big. I don’t know if I’m ever going to meet someone, much less a guy in such a cute and memorable way.

Basically what I’m trying to say is…

  • I love you biggie, more than you will ever know
  • A reminder to the bigs out there that your littles will always hate you for lying to them, but will obviously forgive you every single day and not trade you for the world!
  • A reminder to the littles to send a little lovin’ your big’s way!



Here’s to you,

Here’s to me,

And here’s to every perfect big and little out there



How I found the perfect big

How I found the perfect big

Transferring to a new and bigger school from a university in a small town. I knew that I wanted to go through rush as making friends was going to be difficult. Before the fall semester, I remember looking at the rush videos for the sororities that were at the university of Ottawa and had one in mind. However my family was not so thrilled about the idea. They had the stereotypical image of sorority girls stuck in their heads. But I knew it was something I wanted and I convinced them to let me try. I went to the recruitment events for multiple organizations and had a complete open mind. We need to find the perfect big!

perfect big

First semester I went to the information session for my sorority and fell in love with the girls. They were everyday girls that didn’t care about looks or having a loud personality. That same night I went to my first rush event and met another PNM that turned out to be in the same program and in the same history class as me which is something that is continuously brought up by both of us with other sisters and other friends.

perfect big

 Later that semester she and I both got into different sororities, I went with my other first choice. I was really happy that we were both pledges but my experience was very different to hers. I ended up being de- pledged from that sorority for a reason that I didn’t agree with and was devastated. I remember that she was one of the first people that I told. She told me that I shouldn’t let it bring me down and that I was better than that. 

perfect big

Second semester I remember seeing her in the hallways and mentioning to her that I was going through rush again and that it was for an international sorority this time. She was surprised but understanding. When it came to finding out if I got a bid or not, I sadly didn’t not get one. But the feeling of sadness didn’t last long as I got invited to the preference round for the one that my big was in. I was super happy and thrilled about it. I became a pledge and when it came to big little reveal week, I knew that I wanted her to be my big. We had the same interests, dislikes, professors that we liked and didn’t and even were in the same program. When it came to reveal, I remember thinking that it was definitely her but didn’t want to be disappointed if it wasn’t. So I decided to again have an open mind. I walked around the room and eventually walked over to her and she was holding a balloon that had my name on it. I was really happy and we began talking as if we had known each other for years. From that moment on, we have been inseparable and know a lot more about each other than we did before I became a pledge.Throughout pledging, she was my go to person and gave me advice about everything from the pledge test, to what it was like being a sister. Finally getting initiated after a roller coaster of a ride was the best feeling in the world and being able to share it with my Big made it that much more special. I know that I can count on her for anything and first person that I tell about good or bad news. I don’t know how I would have gotten through second semester without her and all of my other sisters.  

perfect big

How I found the perfect big


An Open Letter To My Big

To the Hottest Big in the Game:

Biggie biggie biggie, can’t you see? Sometimes your words just hypnotize me;) Anyways, now that school is over and 735 miles away from me, I thought you deserved a LITTLE letter.

Right before deciding who I wanted in a big, I made a list of things I wanted in a big: I imagined someone who I can look up to and who would always be my side. I wanted someone who would understand me and all my craziness. I wanted someone who isn’t scared to yell at me and tell me I’m dumb as shit for doing something idiotic, someone to tell me how it is in a heartbeat. I wanted someone who would still love me even after my idiotic decisions I decided to do even when told otherwise. Someone who could protect me from the creepy frat boys. Guess what? You were basically everything I ever wanted in a big.

Big/little week was definitely confusing. I was so convinced you were my big, but then you left me all these notes to the point that I was convinced I got paired with a random! You did a terrible thing though, you lied to me… there was no twin! I was your one and only little. I got to be the only one you got to spoil and the only one you put all your love towards. P.S. thanks for that easy mac 😉 During reveal, I ran like crazy trying to find the other piece of my puzzle piece. As so as I saw you holding it up in the air, my eyes got watery and all I remember was thinking “Oh my gosh,I got her! I ACTUALLY GOT HER!” I was so happy to find out you were my big and not to mention that I was in the biggest family in our sorority! Don’t worry, I’ll make sure to keep our lineage up to our family’s standards.

As you know, I wanted to go home so bad during the first semester, like really bad. What you didn’t know was how many days I spent crying just because I just didn’t want to be here. I would literally lay there in bed pouring my eyes out. I didn’t feel comfortable at school, nor did I feel welcomed in Sigma Kappa. Talking to you and the fam helped me a lot though. You tried so hard to get me to make friends, especially with your favorite frat Delta Chi, and I can’t thank you enough for putting so much effort into trying to convince me to stay. It really made me feel loved and made me realize how much it would affect someone if I left. When I think of home, I don’t even think of California anymore, I think of Arizona and more specifically I think of you. I could never thank you enough for making me feel so at home and just making me adventure out of my comfort zone.

You are literally the best thing that has happened to me. You’re me, but older. We hate people, suck with boys, and love to eat and get drunk. You’re the best big in the entire universe and because of you, I know exactly how I want to treat my future little. Thanks for everything, I love you more than words could describe.

With Love,
Your Little

my big