The 18 Best Things About Having Guy Friends

The coveted, platonic relationship between a guy and a girl BFF is something most only see as legend.

Two people with potential sexual energy CANNOT POSSIBLY get along without wanting to jump each other. Am I right?

eye roll


The answer is no. Having a close guy friend has more benefits than any potential uncomfortableness that may be brought on by two close friends hanging out alone. Not to mention that most of the time, they’re more like a brother than any kind of potential hook-up, the prospect of which makes you actually want to vom.

threw up


The Ed Sheeran to your Taylor Swift, the Harry Potter to your Hermione Granger, you’re there for them through thick and thin, with the added bonus of giving insight to the often-confusing female perspective and none of the jealousy. They’re a great balance to have in a world surrounded by sometimes catty, passive aggressive female friends; here’s why:

18. Once you’re in the inner circle, guys will open up around you with their ridiculous, raunchy, crude humor… and it’s hilarious.



17. Their jackets are warm, more comfy, and essentially up for grabs at all times.



16. Their perspective is invaluable because they know how boys think in all situations. (As is yours when they’re wondering whether their GF is being crazy).

bitches be crazy


15. Boys have limited drama.



14. They’re a perfect cover when you’re trying to duck the creepy guy at the bar.

fake bf


13. They’re protective over you like you are their actual sisters.

protective 2




The Spice Girls As Your Best Friends

To me the Spice Girls are probably the most underrated girl group ever. They didn’t have a bunch of records put out or a clothing line started, yet they probably had the most variety in a group whether it was planned or not. With all this variety in a group makes it easy for someone to compare their own squad to this British pop one.

Posh Spice

Posh Spice was the girl who was always up to date on the latest fashion trends. She best represents the friend that always has her hair and makeup done along with wearing the most stylish threads that anyone has seen. Whether she has the money or not, home girl finds a way to come up with the most desired looks. Just like Posh Spice she is content with relaxing in the background as long as she knows that she is looking H-O-T!

posh spiceScary Spice

This girl is the one that lives up to the Scary Spice name. Style wise, she is a risk taker, wearing all the neon colors along with the loudest of shoes and the wildest hair styles. Personality wise she is the definition of an extrovert. Meaning that she is the first one to speak out about anything good or bad, just like Mel B who takes lead vocals every now and again. She is very outside the box and is a live in the moment kind of gal. When the SnapChat is pulled out she doesn’t smile oh no ma’am, she’ll stick out her tongue and own that signature pose. She is so outgoing that it is a little bit intimidating until you get to know her.

Scary spice



Why You Should Be Cutting Out The Bad Friend

Call this a blog post. Call it a PSA. Call it an article on the ins-and-outs of friendship.

Whatever you see it as, call it a message that needs to be HEARD.



I have one particular issue that people around their mid-twenties (girls, especially) seem to continuously encounter, whether it hurt you in the past, bothers you daily, or keeps popping up in your life like a flower you’re allergic to. This rant is on the issue of cutting off friendships.

We all have that one friend, usually from high school or college, who you were just BESTIES with. You did everything together, the Bert to your Ernie without all the rubber ducky mumbo-jumbo (or perhaps even with it, after a night of tequila shots and childhood reminiscence- we’re not here to judge.)

rubber duckie


You were inseparable. You were sisters. You were each other’s secret keepers, confidants, and best friends. And when graduation came, you promised each other that nothing would change, you pinky-swore to the sky that your friendship, solid as diamond, would remain intact.

Well, kids… people grow up. Jobs happen, marriage happens, babies, new cars, more degrees, other friends, addictions, illnesses, new hobbies—they HAPPEN. And one day, two years or ten years after graduation, you wake up and realize the solid friendship you once cherished has crumbled.

This is when it’s time to take a good look at your life and evaluate who deserves to be in it.



Now, listen.

There are two kinds of people in every relationship.

myself and hummuss


I’m talking about the leader and the follower. The one who tries and the one who complies. The top-tier and second-tier. There is always, in every relationship ever established, a person who cares more than the other. And you my friend, if you are reading this article, are probably on the side of the follower. The trier. The second-tier. (Sorry to break it to you.)

Why else would you have clicked on a ramble-rant about letting go of the dead-end friendship?

It’s okay, though. These types of people are the ones who have many friends because they excel in keeping friendships afloat. You’re exceptionally good at planning and getting people to open up about their feelings. You’re the comfort friend- and that’s a good thing.

friend family


What’s not okay is when your efforts are unappreciated and unnoticed. Now, admittedly, I’ve been both of these types of people. I’ve been strung along by someone I called my best friend, spending years putting in effort where it wasn’t appreciated or acknowledged and got my heart broke time and time again from it AND I have, admittedly, been the friend who keeps a person around simply because I’m too nice to say ‘hey- this was fun. But we had our run. See you around!’ to someone’s face.

Consequently, you either get hurt or hurt other people when you are in either of these positions. This is why you should CUT IT OFF NOW.



Think of the person you’re spending all your time and energy caring about- the one whom you pictured when you read the title of this article. YOU ask about their life, YOU invest your time and effort into their problems, YOU go out of your way to see and love them because YOU are a good friend.

Now do yourself a favor and cut the dead weight of a long-gone friendship away from your positive well-being and LET IT GO.



This will be hard.

Yes, you will have memories you cherish. YES, you might see each other around or at gatherings years from now- yes, you will reminisce. I’m not saying you have to tell them everything you hate about them and leave the scene a bloodbath. I’m not saying that not being close now invalidates the friendship you once had, either.

What I am saying is… now? Now, you’re upset because you’re not the way you guys once were. You’re not putting in equal effort, you’re not feeling the same sentiment about each other that you once did. You’re a shadow of your former selves, holding onto them because they remind you of a part of the past you love, not because of how they positively lift you up, now.

never forget


This is damaging for multiple reasons, but the forefront of them is the simple fact that YOU are holding onto something and someone who simply doesn’t want you to grip them so tightly anymore and that realization is PAINFUL. It hurts and it’s hard, but that’s what it is.

And you’re worth more than that. We all are. Life is short and adventurous and messy and sporadic and dammit, it’s hard enough without having to put in effort where effort is certainly not deserved.



In the long run, you will be happier. What’s the quote about being precious with your time? Be fiercely protective over it. Be very selective about who you spend it on because it is a finite amount that you will never be able to find more of. This is an attitude I’m trying to put forth in my everyday and you should, too. Be better than a person who lets other people take their time and effort and concentration from them. Make sure you’re a priority in the lives of those you care about. Spend your moments on people who make you feel like you MATTER because you do.

I know I’m going to.



A Letter of Gratitude to my Besties

Dear Besties,

Listen…I don’t really tell you guys very often that I love and appreciate all that you do. You guys have molded my life in so many ways that it’s surreal when I realized it. I have heard from multiple people that when you’re in college you will probably meet your husband, bridesmaids, and of course your best friends. I can honestly say that I haven’t found my husband, but I have found my bridesmaids as well as the greatest friends I could ever have. You guys are all that I need. We are the reasons why Snapchat, Twitter, and Instagram are still running thanks to the many memories between us being caught. It’s funny now that I sit back and think about how much you guys know who I am even when I don’t feel like I know myself. I can tell y’all anything and you know just by the change of my voice that something isn’t right.

There are certain things that have happened this past semester to help me realize that you are my best friends. You guys have been there with me during the roughest times and you continue to take on life with me. A warm and fuzzy feeling is created by the fact that I can call them up at any hour just to talk. If there is nothing else to do I can head over to their place and sit on the couch for hours just roasting on any and everybody. They are the people that I know will sit front and center at every home basketball game and  possibly the closest away game. You guys boost me up to a 10 when I am feeling like a 2 which at times can be large task to accomplish! I can always count on them to tag along with me when I don’t wanna go somewhere alone. Whether that be to a party or to the next town to get food they are ready to go. One of the most important things that I treasure is that I am able to be myself and say what I want without feeling like they are judging me. Even though it leads to us joking and laughing about how ridiculous I sound. I realized you guys were my best friends when these three things happened. First, as petty as it seems, we don’t really care for the same people so it makes it a little bit more fun when we have our roasting sessions on the couch. Next, they’ve picked me up when I was having family problems or other problems with friends; when I had nowhere else to turn they were there with my favorite drink and time to spare. Finally, they are able to keep me on the straight and narrow and it’s like they are reading my mind for what I’m about to do next.  All of these things I am grateful for, if I didn’t have you guys I would probably be completely lost. There are times when I am overreacting and you bring me down to Earth again to and I realize that I’m being dramatic. Without you guys as friends I’d probably be hanging out with no one or the wrong people, making not so good decisions and stressing over nothing. So thank you for putting up with my shenanigans, tagging along with me to get impromptu tattoos even if you were studying for a test, being my buddy to watch the guys play basketball, and finally allowing me to express my feelings even though I know you’ll call me emotional. You all will be there for the important times and the depressing times. For my wedding, kids, and whatever else comes up in between. Thank you for being my back bone when I didn’t have the nerve to say or do what I felt was right as well as  my strength when I didn’t think I couldn’t handle what life was throwing at me. I feel like there is so much I want to say to all of you and in addition to that feeling is the fact that “I love you”, “I care for you” “I’m here for you” can’t possibly cover how important every single one of you are to me. I remember telling one of you that I didn’t really feel like you truly cared about what’s going on with me and that since I don’t really get to see my family, you and everyone else in my circle are my family. After I let that slip you calmly looked me in the eye and told me if you didn’t care about me then you wouldn’t be talking with me. That’s love, that’s family forever and always.

I love you guys to the moon and back,




10 Stages of Becoming Friends in College

Because of the freedom and the fact that you’re all so close in proximity, it’s a lot easier to make friends in college than anywhere else. The other day I was thinking about how odd it is that the people that I met the first week of college are now my best friends and know everything about me. We’ve all been friends for a year and a half now and I think we all went through these 10 stages of becoming friends:

10. Hi my name is…


maybe you meet in a class or through a friend of a friend

9. The occasional greeting on campus


see each other from across the quad or in a building, give each other a wave & go about your day

8. The drunken hug


I think we all know how exciting seeing friends at parties is

7. Meeting up to do homework


unless you have an approaching deadline, this usually just results in a lot of talking and goofing around

6. Hanging out doing sober things


this includes laying, watching movies, & eating junk food- the trinity of friendship



11 Reasons Why Having a Best Guy Friend is Awesome

Growing up being the girl with a majority of guy friends is really hard, and it only gets worse with age. In college, if you have a guy friend that you hang out with a lot, you’re always asked if you are dating each other, which is really annoying. And if you’re not dating, everyone assumes you are or really wants you to. However, having a guy best friend can be the best thing that will ever happen to you. Here are some reasons why:

 You always have a date to everything. Having a good guy friend being your date means you have someone who is reliable, helpful and not trying to hook up with you at the end of the night.


10. They are so helpful and they’ll take care of you by picking you up when you’re down.


9. They’ll always make sure you’re okay, especially after heartbreak.

Best Friend

8. They’ll pick you up when you’re way too drunk to drive.


7. They will talk about anything with you, and I mean anything.





An Open Letter to my Two Best Friends at College

Dear Best Friends,

When I first came to college, I was lost among twenty-eight thousand faces, but I found myself in the two of you. You guys have made the past three months of college some of the best months of my life. Between having nights in with you guys, going out with you guys on the weekends, cuddling on Saturday and Sunday mornings and being together every waken moment, I don’t know what to do with myself when we’re not together.


It’s amazing how alike, but how different each of us are from each other. I am glad our personalities fit together so well, because in most circumstances, they’d clash. I love our crazy, spontaneous things we do together. From buying a cat and trying to hide it in the dorms to getting random piercings (sorry mom), there’s not a dull moment with you two. You guys keep me alive, and I am proud to say you guys have so far always had my back and been there. You’ve supported my good and sometimes very, very bad decisions. I am so happy that we are all a part of the same sisterhood and that I will proudly be able to call the two of you my forever friends.


No matter what obstacles are set ahead of us throughout the next four years, I will always have your  backs and I will always only be a phone call away, whether it be 2 pm or 2 am. I already love you guys so much and I don’t know what I am going to do on breaks and during the summer… (probably cry, a lot).


I know that we have only known one another for 3 months, but it has honestly felt like 3 years. I can’t wait to share an apartment with you guys next year and probably for the rest of our lives, because who are we without each other…lol. I am excited for our future crazy adventures, our road trips, our all-nighters and of course the many memories we may or may not remember.


Through it all, I love you guys forever. Thank you for already taking me under your wings as your best friends. I promise to never give you a reason to be anything but proud of that decision.



The 10 Stages of Falling in Friend-Love

Have you ever met someone and instantly known you needed her in your squad? You can’t exactly put into words why you love her so much, but you totally do and have from the beginning. Welcome to friend-love.

10. You slyly figure out ways to get to know her better.

Volunteering to work together on projects, inviting her over to work on them. You want to become BFFs with this girl, you gotta work for it.

9. When you realize she wants to be friends with you, too.

WHAT? You wanted to hang out with me? How funny.

8. You realize you’re basically the same person.

The “where have you been all my life?” conversation is very real. How can two people be so similar? It’s unreal.

7. You find out she’s dorky in the exact same way you are.

When you have random dance parties to your favorite songs, you have the same go-to moves. You geek out over the same stuff. It’s amazing. She brings out the goofiness in you because you’re unashamed to be goofy together.

6. You discover that you have a mutual obsession.

When you have the same favorite movie, music, actor, color, clothing brand, whatever as your friend-crush, you freak. You guys constantly reference it, and have way too many inside jokes revolving around it.



10 Reasons “Twittles” Are Better

Screen Shot 2015-11-01 at 7.31.58 PM

I swore on my life I would never take twittles (aka two littles). I thought I could never handle that much responsibility. Somehow though, I found that two girls would instantly become two of my best friends and eventually my twittles. I could not imagine my life without them as my littles now. So here are ten reasons why twittles are better than just one little.

10. They gang up on you sometimes: I’m sure you’re wondering how this makes twittles better? While some girls may see this as a disadvantage, I see it as an advantage to see what they are capable of. Plus, I know if I need help getting back at someone they’ll be there for me.

9. Together they show each of your sides: Many people say that their little is their mini me. Well, I have two littles and they are both mini me. One shows my outgoing side and the other shows my calmer side. They are both me in so many ways that I know it was meant to be.




An Open Letter to My Ex-Best Friends

Dear Ex-Best Friends,
There’s a few of you… actually there’s a lot of you. From the childish elementary school days, to the awkward middle school times, and the “don’t know what I’m doing with my life” high school days. There were so many of you during those times that I thought I was so special and so cool because when someone asked who my best friend was, I named off about 20 different people but still had so many others to mention.

Sadly the time has come where people ask me now and I have maybe 3, if that (not including my boyfriend?).

The thing about growing up is our parents warn us that the friends we have in elementary school will change as time goes on, and we don’t believe them at first. Then, it gets to that awkward moment where “Annie” won’t sit next to you at lunch because someone else offered her animal crackers, and suddenly your name never comes up in a conversation again. That’s when you learn first hand that your parents are right — they always are, but we just don’t like to admit it half the time.

Unfortunately this is a magic act, and people you call your “best friends” just disappear; it is something that you can’t avoid no matter how old you are.

With that being said, this is where I take a moment to talk to some specific people.. They’ve been M.I.A for so long now they probably won’t read this, which gives me even more of a reason to



10 Reasons You Love Your Guy Best Friends

Don’t get me wrong. We all love our sisters and our gal pals. Who would Leslie Knope be with out Ann Perkins? But, life needs balance, and Leslie Knope needs Ron Swanson, too.

10. You never have to look as single as you are.

Wedding? Check. Formal? Check. Family dinner? Check. If you ever dread flying solo to an event, your guy best friend swoops in and saves the day. Sure, everyone may ask if you two are dating, but you can just roll your eyes and keep having way more fun than them.

9. They give killer hugs.

No matter what the reason, you can’t beat a bear hug from your guy best friend. Be it a really bad day or just saying goodbye until next time, there’s something extra comforting in those hugs.




Why Having Multiple Best Friends is the Best

Why Having Multiple Best Friends is the B

When it comes to having multiple best friends, Mindy Kaling said it best in The Mindy Project when she flawlessly asserted on behalf of her own BFF relationships:


“A best friend isn’t a person, Danny. It’s a tier.”

Having more than one best friend, inevitably, leads to a fair amount of backlash from people who don’t understand the term. No, I’m not misrepresenting my relationships to turn people against each other (because let me tell you right now, girls with multiple best friends can’t get away with that kind of drama); having more than one best friend means that I am LUCKY enough in my life to have people I love equally, deeply, and indefinitely.

Friends Cast Hug

And that’s okay.