20 Things Only ASU Students Would Understand

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20. Getting kicked out of the fountain. Whether it’s Bid Day and it makes for cute pictures, or it’s just too damn hot, you’re always on the look-out for campus security.



19. Being irritated by those guys that carry around gallon water jugs everywhere/being a guy that carries a gallon of water around. Although it’s completely necessary, for some reason we find it obnoxious.

18. Polytechnic? What’s that?

17. Freshmen, there’s a water fountain at the top of A Mountain… no need to bring water…

16. Signing a lease for The District or 922 Place is signing a contract to eat at Tacobell 5 days a week.





“Wear Your Letters on Your Heart” International Badge Day

What is International Badge Day?

Newly initiated members may not know what International Badge Day even is, so here is a quick overview of what it is! International Badge Day was introduced in 1997 by the National Panhellenic Conference to set aside a day or an event for women everywhere to wear their sorority badges or letters in celebration of sisterhood.




Why should this day mean something to you?

Even though we may have some type of stigma against a certain sorority, at the end of the day we are all sisters. We all went through rush together when we didn’t even know what house we would end up in so why should our persona change about each other. There’s one to help you when you’re hurting and another who’s always there to have a good time. There is one who will pray for you, and one who will cry with you. Some will fight for you, and others will put you in your place when you’re out of line and need a reminder. There is one who understands your roommate issues or your family problems. There is one who will sympathize with you and another who confronts you with all your faults, but every one of them love you, because they are your sisters. By wearing your badge over your heart we remind ourselves of our traditions, ideals, values and principles. We also wear our badges to show respect and appreciation for our Founders.

You are always wearing your letters!

We don’t only wear our letters when we have to or want to, we are always wearing our letters. Our letters will always be a part of who we are as women. No matter where you are or what you are doing you are ALWAYS representing your sorority. You choose how you want your sorority to be perceived, so be mindful of that.

You can take the sisters out of the sorority, but you can’t take the sisterhood out of the sisters!

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ASU Alpha Chi Omega Recruitment Video – Simply Stunning

The ladies in this Arizona State Alpha Chi Omega recruitment video are simply stunning! Does Alpha Chi Omega have the most beautiful sisters at Arizona State?

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SOTD: Hannah Walton from Arizona State University Delta Gamma

Introducing Hannah from ASU Delta Gamma!!!!! ASU DG is known on campus as one of the hottest chapters, and rightfully so. Hannah is a big reason why! Not only is Hannah a sorority beauty, but she reps her letters proudly! Check out her photos below!

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SOTD: Ashley Flores from Arizona State University Alpha Phi

Introducing Ashley Flores from ASU Alpha Phi! Go Sundevils! Ashley is known for her bubbly personality and being as sweet as can be. She is loved by her sisters and is a blast to be around! Check out her photos below!

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