CSULB’s Alpha Phi’s Bid Day Video Looks Like So Much Fun!

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You’d be crazy not to want to join in the fun of the Alpha Phi girls at CSULB! Happy Bid Day!


Creighton’s Alpha Phi Bid Day 2016 Video is Epic!

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Awesome job girls! Don’t they just look like the most fun group of people to hang out with??


Alpha Phi Has The Most Energetic Bid Night Video Ever!

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Click the video below to watch the most energy-filled bid night video you’ll ever want to see done by the Northwestern University girls of Alpha Phi!


Why I’m Proud to be Part of a Small Chapter

Towards the end of summer and the beginning of the school year you start to see sorority chapters from bigger schools all over social media with their recruitment videos and all over Snapchat with their Bid Days streaming live for everyone to see. You also read on Instagram about a chapter gaining about 75 new members. I don’t know about you but to me I’m thinking, “How does a pledge class of that size end up knowing each other or even know each other’s names?” I asked this question to one of my close friends at work because she is involved in Greek life at the University of Arkansas. Her reply was simple, she doesn’t. Honestly I didn’t really like that answer. I personally enjoy being part of a smaller chapter for a few reasons that can be named.


With being in a smaller chapter my pledge class was about 17 girls in total. I loved this so much. To the chapter we had the biggest pledge class, it may not be such an incredible number to a D1 school but hey it’s about the people that make up the chapter not the size right? Having a full chapter of about 43 women made it easier to know who was who and to put a name to the face it belongs to. It was even easier to find the people that I merged best with. I ended up finding my future bridesmaids in about a month and  a half of being a member. With this closeness you are able to know what sister to call for a certain situation that is panning out.




UC Davis Alpha Phi Bid Day Video Is Amazing

Alpha Phi UC Davis Bid Day

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Watch the video below to see 50 new members join their sisters at Alpha Phi! Such an exciting event filled with fun!


10 Reasons I’m Proud to Be an ALPHA PHI

I have been a sister of Alpha Phi International Fraternity since October 14, 2014. Every day, I am more and more proud to be a part of a truly astonishing sisterhood. Here are just a few reasons that Alpha Phi is amazing:

10. Alpha Phi is beginning to gear up for a big birthday; we’ll be hitting 150 years soon! Founded in 1872, Alpha is one of the oldest Women’s fraternities in existence.


9. We have over 150 collegiate chapters! We are still continuing to expand our fraternity and add new chapters.


8. We’re international! This happened in 1906, when the Xi chapter was chartered at the University of Toronto.





Alpha Phi at the University of Maine’s Fabulous Recruitment Video

Alpha Phi at the University of Maine's Fabulous Recruitment Video

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The sisters of Alpha Phi at the University of Maine are all about school spirit and fun! They share a close bond, and are always participating in activities! I think these sisters have what it takes to rise to the top! Check out the video below to see what we’re talking about!

Video: Bella Jamie


Staying True to Yourself During Recruitment

After the application process was over and I had been accepted and decided upon which school I wanted to attend, I set my sights to what college could offer me outside the world of pure academia. For me, this meant going Greek! After looking at the sororities that my school had and some serious social media stalking, I was pretty confident that I had two houses in mind that seemed like a great fit.

When time for recruitment came around, I had my sights set on Pi Beta Phi and Alpha Phi. After the first few days, the recruitment process allowed me to narrow down my list to my top three. At the same time, many of my friends  who were going through recruitment with me, had narrowed down their “top houses” to a very similar list. Their favorite seemed to be Pi Beta Phi; I felt the same way and decided I would put that down as my “top pick” when the time came. I was so excited that my friends could potentially be my sisters soon!

Preference day brought me to Pi Beta Phi first. Their house and ceremonies were grand and beautiful. I felt confident that this is where I would be on bid day. Next, I was brought to Alpha Phi. The house felt homey and the ceremony was intimate and sweet. I put my best foot forward even though my heart was set elsewhere. When we were all instructed to put down our final decisions about where each of us ranked the houses we had visited, I put Pi Beta Phi in large, excited handwriting at the top, listing Alpha Phi as my second choice.




Penn State’s Alpha Phi Release Sweet Promo!

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The ladies at Penn State Alpha Phi show you what sisterhood is all about in their 51 second promo video! Having fun, lots of laughs, being goofy, and your sisters! This video was short and sweet, and right to the point! These sisters sure know what it takes to attract future sisters!


“Wear Your Letters on Your Heart” International Badge Day

What is International Badge Day?

Newly initiated members may not know what International Badge Day even is, so here is a quick overview of what it is! International Badge Day was introduced in 1997 by the National Panhellenic Conference to set aside a day or an event for women everywhere to wear their sorority badges or letters in celebration of sisterhood.




Why should this day mean something to you?

Even though we may have some type of stigma against a certain sorority, at the end of the day we are all sisters. We all went through rush together when we didn’t even know what house we would end up in so why should our persona change about each other. There’s one to help you when you’re hurting and another who’s always there to have a good time. There is one who will pray for you, and one who will cry with you. Some will fight for you, and others will put you in your place when you’re out of line and need a reminder. There is one who understands your roommate issues or your family problems. There is one who will sympathize with you and another who confronts you with all your faults, but every one of them love you, because they are your sisters. By wearing your badge over your heart we remind ourselves of our traditions, ideals, values and principles. We also wear our badges to show respect and appreciation for our Founders.

You are always wearing your letters!

We don’t only wear our letters when we have to or want to, we are always wearing our letters. Our letters will always be a part of who we are as women. No matter where you are or what you are doing you are ALWAYS representing your sorority. You choose how you want your sorority to be perceived, so be mindful of that.

You can take the sisters out of the sorority, but you can’t take the sisterhood out of the sisters!

International Badge Day Sigma Sigma Sigma Cover banner


University of Buffalo Alpha Phi Grabs The Bull By The Horns

The ladies at the University of Buffalo are KILLING IT! Another great video from the ladies in Alpha Phi!

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3 Good Things About Being In A Small Sorority

According to the NPC, a sorority chapter can range from “35 to 300 plus” women. Most large universities (UK, LSU, USC) will have 100-200 women in a chapter, which I am sure has its advantages. However, being in a smaller chapter can have it’s advantages too. I am an Alpha Phi at Indiana University Southeast and we have 48 active members on campus. When I tell people this, some people blow it off as if we can’t have successful Greek Life if we don’t have 150+ men and women in each Fraternity and Sorority. This is not the case.



If it weren’t for my school having small chapters, I wouldn’t be able to afford to be Greek. Our dues can be billed monthly, semesterly, or annually. For monthly, it is only $50 a month. This can be 100’s of dollars cheaper than large schools. And let’s be honest, the less dues cost, the more T-Shirts you can buy.


I really enjoyed going through recruitment. It was a little tiring, but not at all like it was for my friends at larger universities. It only lasted 4 days and we were there for a max of 4 hours each night. Going through with smaller chapters was less intimidating than what I have heard about going through as a PNM at larger schools. With less sisters to talk to, you get to know the chapter more as a whole. You also get a good idea of everyone you will be around, which leads me to my next point.


I love all 47 of my sisters. My favorite benefit of being a smaller chapter and my favorite aspect of sorority life is a strong sisterly bond. I get to know each and every one of my sisters on an individual basis. I know everyone’s names and I know majors and hobbies and favorite colors and what their favorite restaurant is. I get to know everyone personally. With a chapter with 150+ women it could be hard to know everyone and especially be close.

I am sure a lot of women would prefer their large chapter to a smaller one and I completely understand that and don’t belittle it in the slightest. However, a small chapter doesn’t deserve to be belittled either. We are all Panhell women, no matter our size.

Also, if you are considering going Greek but are worried about the chapter being small, go out and talk to the women of the different sororities and ask them how things work in a small chapter.

We are small, but we are strong ♥