6 Times You Realized You’re Actually an Adult

Turning 18 always seemed glamorous. That was until I realized that I’d officially be an adult. Now, at 19, I’ve realized that I’m not ready to have to adult, but it’s too late now. I may not think that I’m old enough, or wise enough, to be an adult, but I have caught myself doing adult things. Whether I think I’m ready or not, my time to be an adult is here. I’m sure whether you, like me, are not ready to adult, you’ve done the following things, and you’ve realized you’re turning into an adult.

Doing Laundry

Doing your own laundry for the first time. For me, it was terrifying. If you make a mistake, all of your clothes are at risk.


Favorite Social Media is Facebook

“Facebook is for old people.” If that statement is true, count me as an old person then. Because of college, Facebook has become my favorite social media platform because it allows me to stay in contact with everyone in my life.


Getting Mad When People are Loud

Call me old, but I get so annoyed when people are being too loud. I’m practically turning into Mr. Heckles from Friends.





Why Your Roommate is the Real MVP

College has given me many things.  It has given me an education, real life experience, and a best friend for life.  Roommates have a very special relationship that is cannot be found anywhere else.  If you are lucky, your roommate will be one of the best things that college can give you.  I have been lucky enough to have the same roommate since freshman year and she has taught me more about myself than I ever could have known.  She has knowingly taken on a huge part of my life (even though I am not always the easiest person to live with) and I am so grateful for that.  Here are some very important roles that your roommate takes on for you:
10. Best Friend- We all came to school with our best friends from home and the people we have grown up with.  While those people will remain in your life, your roommate will take this new role as your college best friend.  She is the one who understands your new life and is going through the same stress, home-sickness, and crazy nights as you.
best friends
9. Mother- Moving away for the first time is hard.  You spent eighteen years being cared for and now you are away from home with only your roommate to care for you.  So sometimes she will cook and clean and console you while you cry but you will also do the same.
8. Boyfriend- If your lucky, there will be a time when both you and your roommate will be single.  This is wonderful for going out and having fun but sometimes you still need someone to help you carry heavy things, kill spiders and open jars but will a little team effort, your roommate can help you fill that role too.
7. Therapist- Every college student has a breaking point and if you are me, you pass that far too often.  So you have your roommate there to comfort you while you cry, analyze cryptic text messages and form words when you are just too angry to do so yourself.  She keeps you relatively sane in a crazy college life.
6. Life coach- College is supposed to be a time where you can figure out the rest of your life.  You find internships, apply for jobs and try to make a five year plan but all of that is not as easy as it sounds.  Your roommate is there to help talk things out and to stress about the future with.
life coach


Your First Real Job Interview Explained By Jess From New Girl

There comes a time in all of our lives where it is time to become an adult.  However, some of us are more prepared to enter that world than others.  But for most of us, we graduate college and don’t really know what to do from there.  We try to enter the real world as best as we can, but we are highly unprepared for that next step.  As we try to move forward in our lives and careers, the first step is to apply for real world jobs.  Now this isn’t the job you return to seasonal like in high school; I am talking about a full time, business attire, adult job.  If you are lucky enough to get passed the application process, a new beast emerges for you.  The interview.  This is not something that college taught us, but it is the learning process that you need to excel.  One of the few people that may understand this first struggle is Jessica Daye.  She is quirky, awkward, and doesn’t quite know what is going on but that is what makes her exactly like us for our first interviews into the real world.
16. When you first get a call for an interview and they ask you if you are interested.  Of course you are interested because you have been out of school for who knows how long and are beginning to have a life crisis so you start to beg.
15. When your friends ask you why you want this job: Basically because nothing is going right in your life, and you are hoping this job will magically turn you into an adult, no matter how boring and professional it is.
14. When your friends are helping you prepare for the interview and they basically tell you how you should not be yourself at all.  You may be wonderful and weird but that’s not what they want on your resume.
13. When you are getting ready for the interview but not ready to be an adult so you just sit there. For a long period of time contemplating life.  Trying to figure out how to stop being an adult before you even started.
12. When you are worried you show up and either feel under dressed or over dressed for that job, but there is nothing you can do about it.  So you just have to be confident and act like you know exactly what you are doing.
11. When you are trying to prove that you are an adult but you make it clear to everyone that you just aren’t.  But that’s okay, you must keep faking it until it actually becomes part of your reality.
10. When they ask why you left your old job and if they can call for a reference.  Whether you left on a good or bad note, you do not want your potential new boss to speak with your manager from Abercrombie about your potential.
9. When they ask you how well you work with other people but your leadership style isn’t the most traditional, so you try to explain it anyway.  (Sometimes what works in running your sorority chapter doesn’t work in the real world apparently)


7 Signs You’ve Mastered The Art of “Adulting”

The adult world. Everyone has to go through it, but only some can truly handle it. Growing up has it’s perks but also it’s disadvantages. It’s not easy but this is reality. Sooner or later you just have to get the hang of it. Here’s some signs that you’ve been there:

7. You schedule your own doctor’s/dentist appointments. You avoid getting sick or needing to be seen because you hate scheduling your own appointments. Someone has to do it and it’s no longer your mommy. No one likes going get checkups or filling out paperwork, but you do it because your health is important and you can’t be rich if you die too soon.



6. Naps are not a thing. You don’t have time for naps like you used to. For one, you don’t trust yourself to not oversleep, and for two, you know that there’s always something that needs to be done. Responsibilities don’t go away. The good ole days are gone and you’ve accepted that like a true adult.