10 Things That Made the 90’s For Us Millennial Kids

Ah, the 90’s. What a time to be alive. The time of quirky foods, non-nutritional foods, outrageous clothes, and when technology was not yet on our side…. Don’t know how we lived without iPhones or Netflix….

10) Blockbuster- The most exciting thing about our Friday nights is going to the bar with friends, but way back when, it was going to the video store with your parents and picking up the “newest release” that you never got the chance to see in theaters and waited a month for on DVD. Nowadays, that wait doesn’t exist. Most people download movies the same day it gets released. How did we live back then?


9) Hit-Clips- Before ITunes, Pandora, Spotify, and Youtube came into play there was HitClips. Yeah, those little boom-boxes that played a minute of the latest tunes from Brittney Spears(pre-psycho phase), to Aaron Carter(pre-rehab phase).


8)Kid Cuisine- When mom said she wasn’t cooking for dinner, your face lit up because you got to eat a Kid Cuisine in front of the TV all night… From mac and cheese, to dinosaur chicken nuggets, they had it all. They apparently are still around but hard to find.


7) Sugary Candy- Ah, the sugar coma that started it all. It came in liquids, solids, powders, in ever flavor you could think of. I don’t know how all of us haven’t ended up with heart disease because of all the junk we used to eat…


6) Computer games- Before the App store was a thing we spent hours frying our brains in front of the computer screen playing simulated games with the worst graphics possible. Don’t know how we all found them fun, but somehow we would play them for hours.





15 ’90s Girls We All Wanted to Be

The ’90s were the best of times; hair scrunchies, platform shoes, glitter for days. Ah, memories.

Truth be told, the ’90s were a high point for girl power. From TV to music to film, ’90s women were hot, fierce forces to be reckoned with. We looked up to them, in all their peace-sign throwing glory… especially the fifteen listed below.



15. Britney Spears


Let’s start with the obvious… ‘90s Britney was the hottest girl in town. She was dating the most famous boy band singer of the ‘90s (one Mr. Justin Timberlake), she rocked the adorable school-girl vibe, she had yet to get knocked up by K-Fed and shave her head. She was it. And we wanted it.



14. Christina Aguilera

If you weren’t wanting to be the ’90s good girl, it’s because you wanted to be the ’90s bad girl. Pre-mom Christina was the badass Genie in A Bottle we all envied.



13. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen

The only thing we loved more than one awesome ’90s girl was TWO of them. In the late ’90s, the Olsens were just beginning to hit their prime, gracefully moving towards a career that would leave them financially set for life. Between the funky style and hot on-screen boyfriends, we all wanted to be their bestie (and we all had a favorite… looking at you, Mary-Kate).



12. Alicia Silverstone

Alicia Silverstone played rich, hilarious Cher in ’90s Clueless. Clever and fashion-forward, she and bestie Dion would hop in that cute little white Jeep and drive off into the perfect life we all wanted.

alicia silverstone


11. Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston grabbed all the cute guys- she was married to Brad Pitt, for God’s sake! She played adorable fashionista on the best sitcom of all-time, Friends, and she even coined the signature ‘Rachel Green’ haircut. What’s not to love?

jennifer aniston







College Life As Told by 90s Cartoons

If you’re currently in college, there’s a pretty good chance you grew up watching these cartoons from the 90s and early 2000s. You might be surprised at how much these cartoons, originally meant for children, are totally relatable now in your late teens and early twenties. Here is your life in college, as told by the cartoons from your childhood:

You’re more broke than you ever thought possible, and even McDonald’s is occasionally a luxury you can’t afford.


Meanwhile, while you’re probably gonna be in debt for a good portion of your life, you’re paying so much tuition money you’re pretty sure your college is swimming in it.


You make bad choices, like putting off the test you should probably be studying for to go to Happy Hour instead.


And then you can’t even get any work done the next day because of your killer hangover, thanks to bottom shelf liquor and cheap shots.