Surviving The First Spring Semester

Take a deep breath and pat yourself on the back because you, my friend, have survived. Yes, you’re a survivor of your first time getting a C in a class, dealing with professors who only half speak English, and attempting to reign yourself in from all of that new-found freedom. With spring semester just beginning, you’ve become a cool, calm, and collected sorority girl who is fully prepared to take on the new semester…or are you?

The best and worst part of college is that every day is different and you can’t really expect anything. It’s great because life is never boring, but also kind of terrifying because all of these new situations are completely unlike any prior experiences. Therefore, I give you the gift of how to survive the second semester of your first year of college.

Tip No.1 – Continue to join organizations

Surviving The First Spring Semester

Sorority Lyfe


Are you really in college if you’re not constantly bombarded with flyers about the new, fun things to join on campus? It’s sometimes difficult to navigate through all the different opportunities on campus. Luckily for you, you’ve got a wonderful group of sisters who can suggest clubs or join them with you! Have a question about a certain organization? Ask your big! Want to join a new club? Grab your twin and go. The best part about joining new things is the chance to meet new people, and if that’s not enticing enough, at least you get to add an extra something to your resume!

Tip No. 2 – Time manage better than last semester

Surviving The First Spring Semester

Sorority Lyfe


Saying first semester was hectic might be a bit of an understatement. Don’t worry though – no one is really judging you for being five minutes late for a chapter meeting because you forgot you had a huge research paper to write before it. But now that you’ve made your mistakes, it’s time to learn from them. My best advice is to actually make use of the calendar app on your phone. That way when you go to check if that very elusive boy has finally texted you back, you’re also reminded that you have “Introduction to Ethics” in ten minutes. Or, if you’re a list kind of girl, go the old fashioned route and write down everything you have to do that day, with a set amount of time allotted for it. For example:

1. Two hours of studying Biology

2. One hour for writing the rough draft of your English essay

3. Thirty minute power nap

4. One hour for a chapter meeting

5. One hour to work off all the snacks you’re probably eating between each item on the check list

Once you get some kind of method down, everything else falls into place.

Tip No. 3 – Ask for help 

Surviving The First Spring Semester

Sorority Lyfe


For all you “I basically never studied in high school and still got an A” girls, asking for help on school work is the worst. From personal experience, it sucks going from easy high school classes to this completely new world of constant lecturing in a room of two hundred equally as lost freshmen. However, you’re paying a ton of money for tuition, so you might as well put those professors to good use! Got a question? Go to office hours! It’s scary the first time, but eventually you realize that you will be rewarded in your grades for showing an interest. If your professor knows your name by the end of the semester, you did something right. You also have access to your sisters for academic guidance. They’ve either suffered through the same introduction classes or know someone who did, and they are more than willing to help you. So when mandatory study hours come around, use them to your benefit. It’s a beautiful moment when you know you’ve added to that high GPA that your sorority is so proud of!

Spring semester is a time to leave freshman faux pas behind; you’ve got letters to uphold!


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