Stereotypes of Christian Universities

There are so many stereotypes people have created about what life at a typical Christian university is like. Due to hearing many of these things, honestly made me somewhat apprehensive about enrolling at a Christian school at first. However, after actually attending a Christian college for a little over a semester, I’ve come to realize that all of these stereotypes are not true. They are merely misconceptions.

“Christian universities are only for people who are going to become pastors or missionaries.”

People often confuse Christian colleges with Bible colleges, which, are in fact specifically meant to prepare future pastors and missionaries for ministry. Christian universities, however, are not. Christian schools offer a complete education, not just for students looking to go into ministry, but for students training for all sorts of fields. Any major or vocation that you can study at any other college or university, you can study at a Christian school as well.

“Christian universities don’t really offer a high-quality education.”

Christian universities offer the same quality education and hold the same high standards that any other university does, if not more so. Some people think that because professors teach with Christian ideals in mind that they are not able to teach efficiently and everything they teach is narrow-minded. They think that they are pushing something on students and not allowing them to think for themselves about all the possibilities. This simply is not the case. At a Christian university you get the chance to think about challenging ideas and controversial matters and discuss them with your professor and fellow students. You are not just programmed into a certain type of thinking. You are rather challenged to think.

“Christian universities are too strict. There’s no way you can have any fun there with all those rules.”

Everyone has a different definition of fun. Some people like to go out and get super wasted and stay up puking all night and wake up with a terrible hangover. For some people, that’s their type of fun. So yes, if that’s what you consider fun then you may think a Christian university isn’t right for you. However if you like to go to open frat parties and dance, hang out with all your friends, go on crazy adventures like tunneling and roof climbing, then don’t count out a Christian university. The rules aren’t a big deal if you don’t drink, do drugs, or anything like to do illegal things (plus those are the same rules at any other university if you’re under 21 (for drinking) and if you’re any age for anything else).

“Everyone who goes to a Christian university is expected to find their spouse/be engaged before they graduate.”

Sure, some people do find who their going to marry at college. A lot of people at millions of colleges do. However, the idea that the sole reason of attending a Christian university is to find your spouse is such an overdone stereotype. People attend Christian universities to get an education to pursue their future careers while growing in Christ and discovering his ultimate plan for your life. For some people they do find their future husband/wife along that journey, but the whole “ring by spring” culture that is so heavily looked at needs to be done away with. You can very well graduate from a Christian university (or any university) and not know who you’re going to marry. That’s 100% okay.

“Christian universities only accept people who are “holier than thou”.”

There is not a level of spirituality you have to be at in order to get in to a Christian university. In fact, there are many students who are still figuring out the whole Christian thing and what it means for them in their life. There are some who may not even be believers at all. That makes no difference to the admissions office. There is no standard you have to meet or attendance record from a church you must turn in. Most students are just followers of Christ who are struggling and growing everyday in their relationship with him.

“Christian universities are too expensive.”

Christian universities actually rival other private universities in terms of cost and affordability. There is not some extra special fee Christian universities charge that other universities don’t just because they’re Christians. Sure, any college, let alone a private university, is going to cost. But that’s because you are getting such a high quality education and experience that is so unique to each school and incredibly worth it.

Anna Cook

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