Staying True to Yourself During Recruitment (2)

The University of Georgia sororities hosted new recruits during Bid Day 2012 on Milledge Street in Athens, Ga., Monday, August 13, 2012. (Evan Stichler, [email protected])

A nerve-wracking night and morning of waiting had passed, it was finally Bid Day! We had lined up on the lawn and all of the school’s sororities were lined up in front of us, waiting to receive their new class. I held my envelope that contained the letters I would run to, still nervous about what results might be inside. I stood beside my friends; all of us silently praying we would see those three letters we wanted. Finally, after what seemed like years, we were allowed to open our envelopes.

My heart dropped. There, in my hand, was a card that read just two letters, Alpha Phi. When I looked up to see where my friends had ended up, everyone was running to their new houses. My friends and I were running in opposite directions. They had gotten into Pi Beta Phi and I hadn’t. I was devastated but wasn’t going to be a poor sport. I was acting as excited as I could, knowing that this was not my top choice.

I went to the chapter house, ate dinner, took tons of pictures, met the sisters, and even got a few gifts. I did my best to have fun, and I really did have a great time. At the end of the day, I asked my friends how things went for them. Their replies were full of guarded excitement, knowing how much I wished I could have been with them.



Jessica Rodriguez

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