A Southern Girls Go-To For Style (2)

3. Daisy Dukes

Everyone in the South knows that when summer comes the swim suits, cutoff shirts, cold beer, and Daisy Dukes come running out. We’ve seen them all in movies to hearing about them in different country songs. Every Southern girl also knows that we may look damn good in some painted on cut off jeans but they tend to be not so comfortable towards the end of the night. I bet if you go through any girls closet or drawers you will find a pair or two of their go to short shorts that make her instantly feel like Jessica Simpson in her prime.

daisy dukes

2. So Srat

You can find the trend in college students in the south are Comfort Colors and vest. Comfort Colors is a brand that has been heaven sent by the clothing gods themselves. At this brand the shirts you order come preshrunk and the are so soft that they will be the only thing you will wear for any occasion. Paired with these glorious garments are usually a vest. Some will choose different brands from J. Crew all the way to Patagonia. Theses are staples in every Southerners closet.


1. The Higher The Hair, The Closer To God

Yes I said it and I do mean it. It’s something that can’t really be avoided in the South. We kind of like big hair. Yet I’m not speaking of Dolly Parton’s height of hair. I’m speaking of big curls and hair that is not glued to my scalp. I prefer my hair to bounce when I move. Invest in a teasing come and hair spray and you’ll be on your merry way.


1.All Da Bling

One thing that I have noticed when I travel to other Southern states is that a lot of girls would rather wear diamonds on their butts than on their ears. I’m speaking of bedazzled jeans. Every girl in the South has at least few pairs of Miss Me jeans or Rock Revival. These are essential to have in your closet. Southern girls are not about the plain life and having a pair of jeans decked out with rhinestones and diamonds is the first way of defying boring


Angie Carmouche

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