SOTD: Julie Schott From Penn State Kappa Alpha Theta

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Introducing Julie Schott from Penn State University’s Kappa Alpha Theta! ┬áJulie was brought to our attention by her sorority sister, Caroline Eldh. When we received Caroline’s email, we knew that Julie exemplified what we look for in a “Sister Of The Day.”

As Caroline states, Julie plays a huge role in everyone’s lives within the chapter. She is constantly a voice of reason, and whenever someone needs help, or needs advice, she is the person that everyone goes to immediately. Julie is known campus-wide, and not only is she a supportive sister, but hilarious and the life of every party.

Julie Schott From Penn State Kappa Alpha Theta is the real deal! Every sorority girl has the chance to become the “Sister Of The Day.” If you would like to be a “Sister Of The Day,” and/or have a sister to nominate, please email us at [email protected]

Penn State Kappa Alpha Theta

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    One time I was walking around campus with my headphones blasting Wagon Wheel. This “Sister of the Day” stopped me and suggested I turn down my music if I didn’t want to go deaf. I still have my hearing to this day! Thanks Julie!

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