Your Sorority Sisters as Santa’s Reindeer (2)

5. Comet


Comet is the sister who loves going on hikes, looking at the stars, and just about anything related to nature. She’s a hippie at heart, a biology major, and a total free spirit who loves everyone. She is introverted at first but once she gets to know you she will be your biggest ally and listen to everything you have to say.


4. Cupid


Cupid is not to be mistaken for Vixen. She is in love with love and instead of dating around she is in a committed relationship. She loves to set up friends and thinks of herself as a matchmaker. She’s off the market so she absolutely loves setting up her sorority sisters with her boyfriend’s friends and new guy friends she meets in her classes, clubs, and through her numerous volunteering ventures out in the community. She may seem pushy at first but she’s usually quite successful in her matches so make this sister your friend and you just might meet your future prince charming.


3. Donner 

reindeer 2

Donner is the sister in the house with the best closet. When she hears the song, “don we now our gay apparel…” she has at least six Christmas sweaters to choose from. She is the one you go to when you have nothing to wear for a theme party, when you want last minute formal dress advice, and when you’re wondering what to wear when meeting your significant other’s parents. She is an apparel design major, your sorority’s merchandise chair, an on campus representative for at least one sorority clothing company, and the most fashionable person you know.


2. Blitzen 

reindeer 3

Blitzen is Dasher’s best friend and partner in crime. They are both constantly being called in for standards meetings for a new offense. They live off campus and throw the biggest parties with the hottest guys, coolest decorations, and the best booze. You don’t know how she’s passing her classes because she basically lives solely for partying but she’s totally okay with the fact that she may have to graduate as a super senior.

But do you recall the most famous reindeer of all…

1. Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer 


Reindeer is your sister who was considered a nerd in high school but now that she’s in college is having the last laugh. Everyone thought she was nerdy for joining band, academic bowl teams, mathletes, and at least 6 other academic clubs along with being class president but it’s taught her how to succeed in college. She knew how to balance her life then, and now she’s still just as focused on her academics but has made new friends, gone to her fair share of parties, and feels she has more of an idea of where her life is going. This girl has got it all.

Merry Christmas Sorority Lyfers! 

Madeline Frisk

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