What Being In A Sorority Really Means

Sorority women are always being pegged as party-goers that do not care about anything but fraternity guys and alcohol, but that is so far from the truth. Our sisterhoods mean so much more than socials and nights we do not remember. Greek life is often seen as a group of beautiful people all partying together, but once you have been absorbed into it, we all see that what we do is so much more.

Sororities focus on connecting with different houses on campus and to fight for their own houses philanthropy and contribute to others in the process. We do all party together because PanHellenic council brings our houses together to form a family that we would not have otherwise. Each social event brings us a little closer to people we share something in common with and to make connections that will help in our personal and professional futures.

While socializing, we also have to focus on what we came to school to do. Study and get degrees. Each house has a different GPA its women must maintain in order to be active and go to events throughout the year. More often than not, Greek life’s cumulative GPA is also higher than the Universities too. We might all go to the library and talk a lot more than we study, but by the time finals roll around we know what we are doing and pass with flying colors. C’s might get degrees, but A’s get baes ladies!

Last but not least, we are in this for the Sisterhood. For the friends we have made that will last a lifetime no matter where we all end up after college. These girls that we have connected with, cried with and laughed with hold a bond that no one can break. Even sisters that we have not met yet are there for us. Sororities bring together women from all over the globe to be bound by letters. No one will ever understand why we do what we do either. They won’t understand why it is no big deal to walk across campus at 3 am when our sister has been broken up with or to travel across the country just because we miss them.

To the outside world they’re just letters, but to us they’re our life.

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Wow! This blog looks exactly like my old one!…

Whoa Coastal #15. Miami #45 Boulder #40….

Love you, sister!! Beautiful inside and out!!…

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