“I Wear My Letters on My Front Because My Sisters Have My Back”

I know what you are thinking. Oh great another blog post about the joys of being in a sorority. Yes that is right. But I’m not talking about the joys of going out every night and drinking with my sisters or the joys of being able to say that my sorority gets the best fraternity men. Even though each chapter has those certain members that are focused on those aspects, that is not why our chapters stay on campuses.

Philanthropy, Scholarship, and Sisterhood

Each sorority has a national philanthropy that each chapter is required to raise money for. Part of our dues go towards it as well. Talk to any sorority woman about her philanthropy and her eyes will instantly light up. She will tell you about the time during recruitment when she saw the video and cried her eyes out in front of these women she didn’t even know yet. The passion that the women have for their philanthropy is so natural. They would do anything for their philanthropy, and that’s enough to inspire anyone.

Scholarship is what everyone comes to college for. We come to get a degree. This sorority stuff is not important because it will not get us closer to a degree. Wrong. When you join a sorority, you are instantly connected with women who will have the same major as you. They will tell you which professors are good to take. They will be there to help you with that very hard class, and they make the best study partners. Also, many chapters require their members to maintain a certain GPA, giving the women another motivation factor.

Sisterhood is the whole reason any woman looks to join a sorority. College can be a lonely place. It’s hard to make friends, but joining an organization gives you a huge group of friends. These women chose you and you chose them. It all feels like home. A place where you can be yourself and you still have sisters that will love and care for you. Sisters that inspire you to better yourself. “I wear my letters on my front because my sisters have my back.”

Philanthropy, Scholarship, and Sisterhood is why we have sorority. So I challenge you to put the media out of your head. Forget the stereotypical Total Sorority Move. We have added the why (y) in Sorority Lyfe. Let’s prove the media wrong.


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