Sorority Life Fact Or Fiction: Scream Queens’ KKT (2)

5. Fiction: We all have boyfriends in fraternities. 


Many girls in sororities have boyfriends, girlfriends, and significant others not associated with Greek life at all. Who you date is your personal choice and doesn’t make you more or less popular.

4. Fact: Sorority girls can be feminists too. 

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There seems to be this misconception that just because you’ve joined a sorority means you can’t be a feminist and a strong woman with opinions and a voice. That could not be more wrong. Sororities are meant to bring women together to empower us. Our sisterhoods help us strive to be better volunteers, friends, and leaders while in college and as alumni.

3. Fiction: We all drink pumpkin spice lattes. 


Some of us like chai tea, hot chocolate, lemonade or another yummy beverage instead. Even if we do drink pumpkin spice lattes, that isn’t something exclusive to sorority girls, so stop calling us “basic”.

2. Fact: We’re all a little quirky. There is no “typical” sorority girl. 


You may like secretly watching Dora the Explorer, filming candle blogs, or eating a massive amount of pork rinds. Whatever it is, we’re all a little bit weird. The stereotype that all sorority girls are blonde, stick-thin, wear dresses, and  are “basic” is just plain wrong. You can find sorority sisters of all different religions, cultures, races, political affiliations, and sexualities, and a sisterhood to suit you.

1. Fiction: We all thrive on drama. 


We all have different opinions and don’t always agree on every decision, but it’s because we all care so much about the future of the sorority. With any large organization, there will be disagreements and issues so this isn’t an issue exclusive to sorority girls. Your sorority may have cliques and power struggles, but you can rise above it and your chapter can work to curb issues that come up on the local and national level.

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Danielle Levine

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