Sorority Exepectations

What Expectations Do You Have By Being In A Sorority? Sorority Expectations..

When you join a sorority, you never really truly know what to expect. You might think that it will be like the stereotypical sorority stuff in the movies and TV shows. Being in a sorority is not like GREEK. Ok maybe it is, but not to that extent. You’ll find that being in a sorority is a really rewarding experience. And here are the things that will actually happen when you join a sorority.

Sorority Expectations

Sorority Expectations


10. Lots and lots of support. You will have so many friends and acquaintances that will be in your corner and be your personal cheerleader.

9. Dressing Up. You will start to dress up every Monday or whenever your chapter has their meeting. Yo will also start becoming well versed in themed outfits.

8. Going out with your sisters will always be the best kind of nights. Whenever it be partying at Frats or having a fun night, it will be special and cherished.

Sorority Expectations

Sorority Expectations


7. You will learn the art of the sorority squat. When in a big group you will have no choice but to squat and look great doing it.

6. You will learn to craft. Your going to be crafting for your little/big and eventually just for fun. P.S beware of a Pinterest addiction.

5. Throwing the hand sign. Your sorority’s hand sign will be in practically every picture taken. You will throw what you know literally everywhere.

4. You will find that you’re relationship with your big/little will not be compared with anyone else. There is nothing like having a big/little in your life and there never will be.

Sorority Expectations

Sorority Expectations


3. The Sorority house will become your comfort zone and your sanctuary. You are always there and you will always find sisters to hang out and have fun with.

2. Being able to feel so comfortable with your sisters and not feeling judged for who you are. These women will support you and be with you every step of the way.

1. Having fun with lifelong friends. When you join a sorority, you will meet so many ladies and you will share a special bond with them for the rest of your life. And who knows, some of these women might even be your bridesmaids someday.


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