Say Hello To Gamma Rho Lambda: The First National Lesbian Sorority

In 2003, Gamma Rho Lambda was founded at Arizona State University. In 2015, they have 15 active chapters in three different colonies across the nation. There is something that allows Gamma Rho Lambda to stand out from other chapters on most campuses: they are considered the first national lesbian sorority.

Gamma Rho Lambda is a sorority that strives for, “tolerance, diversity, unity, and trust,” as is said in their mission statement. While they are considered an LBT (Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender) sorority, they do accept heterosexual allies with open arms.

Greek communities throughout the nation tend to get exposed for all they do that is wrong, so I thought I would take a moment to point out a moment in Greek life (though there are many) where something was done oh so right, and that is the founding of Gamma Rho Lambda.

There are some crazy stereotypes about sorority girls out there, one of which being that you cannot be lesbian, bisexual, transgender or identify as queer and be in a sorority at the same time. Sorority life is all about being accepted for all that you are, all that you are not and all that you can be. Thanks to Gamma Rho Lambda, the Greek community is busting the myth that they want to bring women of various sexual orientations and gender identities down, and instead are lifting them up by providing them with a chapter that was created to welcome the LBT community and their allies into the Greek community.

I wanted to introduce you all as readers and as fellow Greeks (and perhaps non-Greeks who are reading this article) to the massive support system that the Greek community can be. While your college may not have a Gamma Rho Lambda like mine, I take solace in knowing that one day I could very well see these letters being worn on my campus. What makes me even more happy, though, is that I still get to call these women my PanHellenic sisters.

That is the beautiful thing about Greek life – it truly does encourage its members to be their best selves. While mistakes are made along the way (some bigger than others) the Greek community has been taking incredible strides as progressing and making sure that traditions change to fit the current time and culture that we live in today.

To all the women of Gamma Rho Lambda, congratulations on being forward thinkers and inspiring Greek women and men throughout the United States. Though it may not be much, we at are happy to deem you the “Sisters Of The Day.” Keep on unifying and keep on tolerating – this world needs women like you to set a good example.

Cashie Rohaly

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