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Fraternity and sorority social calendars have been put on a massive hold at Rutgers University. The administration declared that social events held in the Greek community are banned for the remainder of the semester.

Rutgers, which has 86 fraternity and sorority chapters, will be prohibiting all parties that take place within fraternity houses and on campus grounds, which was decided in a grueling meeting that began on March 31st and carried over into the early hours of April 1st.

The decision, made by The Rutgers Office of Fraternity and Sorority Affairs (OFSA,) is to ensure the safety of students during this time of heavy investigation on the campus itself.

PanHellenic President, Erin Kearns, explained that the choice was made not to serve as a punishment, but to give the University time to reevaluate their Greek organization as a whole. Kearns said, “It’s a yellow light to allow us to reflect on how and what we can do to be a better Greek community.”

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