Why Rosie the Riveter Would Make the Perfect Recruitment Chair (2)

5. She is always prepared with adequate supplies for every task. 

rosie 5

She has a recruitment survival kit always at the ready with chapstick, deodorant, water, and whatever else you could need. She is definitely ready for anything.

4. She is extremely creative and resourceful. 

rosie 7

If a balloon arch pops she’s got a spare. If a woman’s heel breaks she’s got an extra pair. If the photo booth decor is rained on she’s got her crafting drawer at the ready. This woman is resourceful and always knows how to get shit done.

3. She has great conversational skills. 

rosie 8

She will talk to anyone and everyone about your sorority because she loves it so much. Your sorority isn’t just chapter meetings and events for her, it’s her entire world.

2. She is a perfectionist because she has her end goal in mind at all times. 

rosie 9

Rosie is not one to make silly mistakes. Sure she may slip up from time to time but she tries her best to create the best end product. For your sorority that would be a successful recruitment and so she accomplishes just that.

1. She knows how to leave a legacy. 


Rosie the Riveter is a woman who inspires women of every age to this day and she will continue to do so in the future as a sign of strength, feminism, and service.

Recruitment chairs if you’re ever in doubt just remember:

What would Rosie do? 

Madeline Frisk

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