Romantic Places for a Date to Win Her Heart

Since dating is taken very seriously by Russian women, you should get well-prepared for it. In order to impress a lady, choose some romantic location for the date. Women like it when everything is touching and nice. The following dating ideas by Go Date Now Site will help you make the right choice.


If it’s one of your first dates, then a restaurant will make a good venue for it. You need to get to know each other better and talk in a relaxed atmosphere. Since Russian girls are not restaurant-goers you should avoid taking your date to some fancy place as she may feel uncomfortable there. The best option will be a cozy restaurant or a small café with the beautiful interior or excellent view from the windows. It would be better to choose the one where the live music is playing; it always creates a romantic atmosphere.

Boat or yacht.

If there is an opportunity to rent a boat and spend some time together in the open air, you should do that. You can be sure that she’ll like it very much. Sailing in the night will make your date even more romantic as the view of the stars reflected in the water and the moon-glade will resemble the scene from some romantic film. And girls are always dreaming that one day something similar will happen to them in their life.


You know that she is fond of theatre and her favorite play is performed soon. Buying the tickets choose the orchestra seats so that you can contemplate the performance and enjoy it in full. Let her know in advance about your plans to ask her to the theatre so that she can prepare for that event.

Stroll in the park.

Although this idea may seem rather ordinary, you should not give it up. If you are good at talking and storytelling she won’t even notice where your date is going off. Moreover, most parks are full of some attractions so you can have fun once you feel a bit tired of talking. Make sure that you don’t walk for too long as Russian girls like high heels and probably will show up in them on a date. Walking will make a good start for your romantic date which you can continue in some other place.


A skating rink or rollerdrome is a nice place for a date. You can get here a bit childish and become more sincere. Also, you get a plenty of opportunities to care about her and help her when she falls (especially if it’s her first experience of skating). In an hour, you’ll get pretty tired so you should go to the nearest café to relax and have a snack.


An excellent alternative of walking in the park is visiting a local zoo. Both of you will have a great time watching various animals, sometimes weird but nevertheless cute. Bring some food (or buy some right there) for ducks. Feeding ducks together is a wonderful pastime for a couple. It’s easy and fun and both of you will love it.


Go bowling and become rivals for some time. Playful competitiveness won’t do you any harm; instead, it will spice your feelings up. Playing bowling you can both be active and have a nice talk.


Don’t miss an opportunity to spend a romantic date in a planetarium if there is one in the vicinity. This is a great place: captivating and fascinating. It will tune you to the atmosphere of mystery and romance so if you want to go somewhere else after visiting the planetarium, make sure that place has the same vibes.

Horseback riding.

Another idea for a romantic date is riding on horseback. Find a horse farm and take a riding lesson. Take care of the outfit for your lady beforehand. Also, she should know where your date will take place in order to dress appropriately.

Tea ceremony.

She’ll be definitely amused by the Asian ritual of making tea. You’ll become a part of the ceremony and find out a lot of interesting facts about Chinese philosophy. Getting a bit spiritual on a date will help you set the invisible connection between you two.

Jessica Rodriguez

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