Red Flags of a One Night Stand (2)

5. He has to be home by ten as a term of his parole- Okay, so this clearly is not a good idea and I hope I do not have to explain why.  But if you don’t know, he is clearly going through a hard transitional time and for all you know, he could be dangerous.  So just stop right there.
4. He has more jewelry on than you do-  It should be a general rule that you should be wearing more jewelry than anyone you are hooking up with.  So if he has to take the time to take off his ring and necklace and anklet and multiple watches, that is a clear sign that something is just not right.
3. He has to take his toupee of first- Wow, that is one convincing hairpiece.  I appreciate and congratulate him on his ability to pull off a clearly much younger age than he actually is but maybe he is just a little too old to be hooking up with someone in college.  It just makes you think why.
2. He starts crying-  I am all for men being sensitive.  I think they have every right to feel emotions just as strongly as women do.  However, I do not know him and therefore I will not be the best person to listen to him blubber about how his life if just not doing right.  Please pull yourself together.
1. He says “I love you”-  Normally, those words come very pleasantly from loved ones and will warm your heart.  But these few short hours that this relationship has lasted, is by far not long enough to start expressing those feelings.  Instead of warmth this will cause discomfort and stress so please cut the night short.
i love you
If the man that you are looking to casually hookup with does any of these above, please do both of you a favor and rethink this night together.
Madison Norwich

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