Real Job Interview Explained By Jess From New Girl (2)

8. When you say something a little weird in the interview and give up hope.  Even with all of the advice that your friends gave you, sometimes you just can’t hide all of your crazy for such a long period of time.
7. When they ask you what your weaknesses are and you are actually honest because you don’t realize your weaknesses are supposed to be made positive in an interview.
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6. When they ask you about your hobbies and you realize you don’t actually have any to share.  So you just say the first random thing that you do that pops into your head.
5. When they ask you what makes you different from the other candidates, so you explain your life in full detail to show how amazing you actually are.  Because honestly they should know what they are getting into.
4. When they ask where you see yourself in ten years and you just can’t help but give them the pathetically honest truth because let’s be real, we have no idea what is happening anyway.
3. When your friends check in on you after the interview and you honestly have no idea what to tell them, but all you do know is that you are overwhelmed by the whole experience and need a break from adulthood.
2. When you are waiting for the phone call about the job and can’t help but assume the worst of the whole situation.  Clearly you did something dumb and you aren’t going to get the job because you are still a small child.
1. When you get the job and don’t know how to handle it because you never actually expected it to happen.  Now you are happy to have a job and not have to interview again for a while but sad that you are now stuck being an adult on a daily basis.
Now that Jess has told us all about what to expect at our first interview, we can all take her pointers and confidently enter into the real world (kind of).
Madison Norwich

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