Pros and Cons of Having a Senior Big

It’s that time of year again. Bigs are getting littles, littles are getting bigs, grand bigs are getting grand littles, and even great grand bigs are getting great grand littles. If you’re getting a big this year then you’re probably thinking about your options of girls in the sorority. Maybe you’re even thinking you want one of the senior girls as your big. You talk all of the time, watch all of the same movies, and she’s looking for a second chance at having her perfect little or is hoping to add another. Whatever the case is, you should know there are some pros and cons of having a senior big.


5. They will be the best mentor possible for you in the sorority!


4. They can give you sorority advice on everything from running for sorority leadership positions to trying to be a fraternity’s sweetheart.

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Madeline Frisk

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