Why Pretending You’re the Best Thing Ever is the Best Thing Ever


Cue to the scene in Mean Girls, where Regina stands in front of the mirror complaining about the size of her pores and a host of other things wrong with her body. Or when they sit around the lunch table talking about the last three pounds they wish to lose. If you’re any girl ever you’ve probably expressed to your best friend, sister, or mom about how you didn’t think you would get a job, a good grade, or whatever you worried you wouldn’t get because you didn’t think you had the skills to reach your goals. Or maybe you really wanted to try taking dance classes or yoga but you were worried you would look silly so you never did. Us girls do it all the time, we think there are certain things we can or cannot wear, things we can or cannot do, because we’ve decided we don’t possess the needed assets to achieve these things. Well I want all of us girls to start pretending we’re the best thing since Starbucks was created.

That’s right ladies I said it, pretend you’re the best thing ever. I am talking walk around like you’re the hair flipping, nail painting, and red 100 emoji all in one. Why, you may ask? Well because once you think you’re the best thing ever, other people will start thinking you’re just as amazing as you say you are. Remember what Queen Bey said, “I woke up like this, Flawless” meaning that just by existing you’re without flaws. Suddenly going through formal recruitment, applying for jobs, and introducing yourself won’t seem so scary and you’ll be able to put your best self forward. Not only that, but all that time you spent not doing activities or stressing about internships, jobs, friendships, and relationships because you didn’t think you deserved them will disappear and you will have time to be a better employee, team member, friend, and any other positions we hold as young women in this world.

No, I’m not saying that we’ll all turn into models and actresses or that we should think we will, nor am I saying that you should become conceited and vain. But I am saying that if you don’t believe you’re the best fit, why would anyone else? Believe your the best from the moment you walk in the room and soon everyone else will too. Beyond that, if we believe in ourselves, then the women we care about most will hopefully follow suit and everyone will feel a little bit more fabulous. You don’t have to believe me and my hippy-dippy style though, just read some studies and statistics and all of a sudden all of our selfies will seem a lot more on point than before. Moral of the story: believe you’re the best, sassiest, more amazing girl out there and you’ll be a lot closer to living an awesome life. hairflipping


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