An Open Letter to “PNM”s of Local Sororities

Dear Potential New Members of Local Sororities,

We are¬†currently at Day 0 of the Rush process and that’s OK! The awesome thing about local sororities is that we don’t rush until the winter and you won’t get a bid/join a sorority until the spring, so you have so much time to meet all of us and get a feel for which sorority you fit in with the most. ATTEND THOSE PRE-RUSH EVENTS. I cannot stress this enough! Pre-Rush events are the best way to not only meet all of the greek groups on campus, but a way for you to meet more potential new members in the same spot as you! Plus, they usually provide you with free food or a fun activity you wouldn’t normally get to do. Try to go to all the events, no matter the sorority because even though you think you may know the one you want to be in, the best thing to do is keep an open mind. I probably thought I wanted to be in four different sororities before I found the one I knew I belonged in. Don’t write off any sororities as “uncool”. Like I said before, keep an open mind. Being “so over” a sorority during rush season honestly ruins the process for yourself. Some of the sororities deemed “uncool” by my peers happened to be the sweetest girls I had met, and I had a lot of fun at their rush events.


Remember that one person does not define the sorority as a whole. Yes, we have our similarities, but each sorority member is unique in their own way, so don’t ignore the stereotypes, and don’t base a sorority on one girl you met at a party or have a class with because we are not all the same!next



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