An Open Letter to Netflix And Chill: YOU SUCK!!


Dear Netflix & Chill,

Congratulations, in your popular existence since 2007, you have become partially responsible for ruining the concept of dating for our entire generation.

Notice I didn’t say entirely responsible, but you catch my drift. At some point, this term, Netflix & chill, became universally known as a far more subversive concept.

In that light, this hate note is written on behalf of every girl, myself included, who has been asked to “Netflix & chill” one too many times.

We all know what it means, and that Netflix & chill would probably turn into making out on the futon couch your mom bought for your freshman dorm room, while Daryl from The Walking Dead valiantly slays zombies in the background.


Now as gross as the above mental picture might be, that’s not actually my problem with you, Netflix & chill. It’s the idea of you that disgusts me. Not only have you taken the place of a real dinner date and a good conversation with an individual you are interested in getting to know better, you have demoralized the idea of respectfully watching a movie with a girl!



Tess (Twitter: @tessiagroen) fancies herself to be the real-life, much shorter (but no less fabulous) version of Elle Woods, juggling Sorority Lyfe and a future law degree in one hand, and a Venti Vanilla Latte in the other. She actually enjoys school, is 99% sure she was a disney princess in a former life, and can usually be found somewhere with a lot of books.

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