An Open Letter to the Dream I Refuse to Give Up On

We’ve had a quite a few bumps in the road, haven’t we? They told us we’d hear more nos than yeses on our journey, but sometimes it feels like the yeses never come. But here we are, still trucking along. We get up every morning and keep fighting, keep working towards the goal we set so many years ago.

Somehow, it hasn’t gotten any easier. Seeing so many others succeed with what appears to be no struggles makes our battle even harder to fight. I’m sorry that some days, I don’t want to get out of bed. I’m sorry that I think about giving up, switching to something new. I’m sorry that I doubt myself, which makes me doubt you.
I’m trying. Even on the days that the fight seems useless, I still try. I’ll be the first to admit that, sometimes, I don’t try my hardest. Sometimes, I have to give myself a break, no matter how much I beat myself up about it later. I wish I could work non-stop and get everything accomplished with time to spare. I wish I could overcome my obstacles and succeed with no second thoughts. But I can’t. I’m a very doubtful person. I worry. I get stressed. I cry. But at the end of the day, I keep moving forward. And that’s all you can ask of me. It’s all I can ask of myself.

We’re gonna see it through till the end. One day, down the road, we’ll be so glad I held on, albeit with a death grip. Today, it’s hard to picture that. But I know it’s coming.
I’ll see you then.

Rachel Jackson

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