I Met My Best Friend Through My Sorority

It’s Bid Day. My friend Aly and I are so excited that we finally made it through formal recruitment and ended up in the same awesome chapter. All the new members, ourselves included, are trying to get the perfect picture with our letters to show their Instagram friends their new found home. We decide to hop in with these other girls Carolyn and Grace for a picture…and from there it’s all history.

Thought our semester as new members Carolyn and I became two peas in a pod. I’m not going to lie, many people have wondered how we’re so close because our personalities are so different. Carolyn is veracious and rational, where I am exuberant and overthink everything, but we work (somehow).

Carolyn and I go to each other about everything, with absolutely no judgement. We’ve seen each other at our worst, and been there for our best. She gives me the best advice, and listens when I feel like a my life is a hot mess.

She won’t hate me for falling down a flight of stairs. She’ll literally pick me up and laugh it off the next day with me. Then not only roll her eyes a few times at me when I complain about how much my bruised tailbone hurts for a week. We won’t hate each other for calling each other out, because everyone needs a reality check sometimes.

From our frequent food dates to our snuggle sessions I wouldn’t trade a second. Carolyn is my fiercest friend, who I know will always have my back. Although she may be perpetually late, I will always be there 10 minutes before her waiting for her to finally be by my side.

We are inseparable and I don’t know what I would do without her. She is my person.

So, that’s why I “went Phi Sig Today!”

Lots of Love (in the Pyramid), Carolyn

xo Lo

Lauren Fick

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