Make the Most of Your New Year Resolution

It is that time of the year again when everyone is talking about New Year resolutions. This time last year you were probably telling yourself you wanted to go to the gym more, save money, and get good grades. I know I was! I finished 2013 by celebrating the holidays and packing on the pounds with the intentions of losing them in the New Year. For me, 2014 started off great. I was going to the gym everyday and eating very healthy. Things were going great and then I missed a day in the gym. Soon, that day turned into a week and then a month. Before I knew it, I couldn’t remember the last time I went to the gym!


This year, my New Year resolutions will be similar: get in shape, save money, write more, and be happy. But this year I’m going to take a different take on these resolutions. Instead of going to the gym everyday to get in shape, I’m going to try to go hiking once a week to change it up. By follow this few tips, you will be able to make the most of your New Year resolutions and have a successful 2015!


  • Make it something you’ve wanted for awhile
  • Aim for self-improvement
  • Set a realistic time frame
  • Be specific
  • Be patient with yourself
  • Learn from you mistakes
  • Stay focused
  • Outline your plan
  • Don’t be afraid to try something new
  • If you mess up don’t punish yourself
  • Have fun with it
  • Don’t stress about it
  • Track your progress
  • Reward yourself
  • Don’t stop trying


Follow these 15 tips and you’ll make the most out of your New Year resolution and start the year off right! Good luck!


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