Living in Wisconsin: Pros and Cons

As most of you may not know I live in Wisconsin. Yeah, yeah, I know pretty lame. Although it’s not one of the most exciting places to live, it can have some benefits to it. Just for funsies (yes, it is a word) I thought it’d be nice if I just stated out some pros and cons of living in WI. Enjoy!

10. CON: The weather is as bipolar as you.









9. PRO: Summerfest, “The world’s largest music festival.”









8. CON: Smells like cow. Everywhere.









7. PRO: Madison’s State Street (Great for shopping around!)









6. CON: Flat. Only a few mountains for exploring, the rest is flat. Like paper. I know, I know, boooooring.










Tenzin Tsephel

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