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You seem him across the room at a party, like something out of a cliché Katherine Heigl chick-flick. You want to go talk to him, but you do not know how to approach the situation accordingly. Worry no more, because I have devised a few ways to approach guys that are fun, easy and not too much. After doing extensive research, it has been said that 60% of the time, these ways to approach a guy work…. every time. Classic Anchorman joke. But seriously, I have tried each one of these ways to approach guys, and I am awkward as hell so I guarantee you can do it. At the very least you will meet somebody new. At the very most… well, you know (wink, wink.)

My favorite approach is to ask a guy at a party if he knows where I can find some beer. This way, he knows that I am a beer-drinker and he can be my hero and save the day by finding a brew. From there, you can cheers to him and get to know him better.

Everybody loves to be complimented, so go up to him and tell him you noticed he has a really nice smile. This will automatically make him think you are nice, and you guys can start chatting from there.

This is the little black dress of pick-ups. If a guy can ask a girl to take a shot, then the roles can most certainly be reversed. Everybody like camaraderie in an alcohol-based environment, so get some liquid courage in you while talking with the cutie you met at the bar.

Have your wing-woman go up to him with you and ask him to help you with a debate of some sort. Perhaps you and your wing-woman are discussing what the greatest film of all time is, and you need a third opinion. Once you start conversing, have your wing-woman discretely slip away and give you and the guy some one-on-one time.

This will make for easy conversation about your drink of choice and will allow the guy to give you advice. Giving advice is something that more-than-acquaintances do, so the conversation will feel like one between old friends.

Need directions somewhere? Need help picking out a new meal at the grocery store? Ask him if he has any suggestions. Again, when you help somebody you are more prone to feel like you know them and that you want to know more about them.

This is lame, but sometimes desperate times call for desperate measures. Ask him if he was the guy that was at the same wedding as you last week who was so drunk that he dove into the cake before the bride and groom ate it. Something funny like that will spark an anecdote (even if it is not entirely true.) I recommend using this for somebody that you do not see yourself spending your entire life with, because you don’t want to start the relationship on lies.

While tastes in genre may differ, everybody can agree on the fact that music is enjoyable. Mention that you saw Springsteen in concert when “Born To Run” comes on at the bar, or point out how the store you are at always plays Sheryl Crow and it makes you want to tear your hair out. If you guys agree on your musical tastes then you’ll hit it off automatically. If you disagree, then you’ll have sparks that will heat up your relationship right off the bat.

Even if he doesn’t look like anybody you have ever encountered, just say that he looks familiar. Ensure that this is a good thing, and try to stray away from comparing him to any family members, because that would be a huge turn-off. Bonus points if you tell him he looks like a celebrity.

It is the best and most authentic way to approach somebody. It skips all the games and you get right down to business. It may seem intimidating to just go up and say hello, but the guy will see you as a confident and empowered person, which is always a good light to be seen in.


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