What It’s Like To Rush The New Sorority On Campus

Rushing Greek life is basically a week-long holiday for some people. Actually more like a month if you include the month prior to when they buy their outfits, get interview training tips, meeting with ladies to get rec’s, it’s crazy none the less. So what is it like to go to college and fall in love with the sorority that hasn’t been established yet, or better known as “the new sorority on campus”? It’s everything and more you could ask for.

  • Your opinion about the sorority is based on the advisors you meet and the LCs from other schools you meet. You don’t see these women in the frat houses the week before boning beers, you don’t meet these women in your dorm hallway, you meet these women while they are gushing about their sorority and volunteering their time to share their joy and love for the sorority and Greek life.


  •  You define how the University and World sees your chapter. Those 70-300 women who chose to be founding sisters with you get to help make the reputation of that sorority known. It’s up to y’all to decide how the university perceives your chapter and what better power is that?

new sorority

  •  The traditions that that sorority has starts with you. There is no “this is how we’ve done it the past 50 years so it’s how its done”. It’s “This is our decision how to do it and how they do it for the rest of time” and one of the most exciting feelings ever.


  •  Going through recolonization on campus is one of the best sisterhood bonding events you could do. Some new sororities at schools aren’t re-colonizing but note that if they are, you will have a heck of a sisterhood afterwards. Every trial and tribulation that chapter goes through you all go through together and at the same time and there is nothing better than having all your sisters beside you to experience it.


new sorority

Alpha Delta Pi Delta Sigma Chapter Installation

  • Warning: the rest of Greek life will judge your chapter for the first month, but believe me, once they realize how awesome you and your sisters are they stop real fast. It’s hard being the new sorority on campus, just like being the new kid in grade school isn’t always easy, but when you have 70-300 other girls going through it with you, it makes it worth it.


  • A brand new house for you to fall even more in love with your sorority in. I know that it’s nice to have a house that already contains memories from past sisters, but just imagine what it can feel like knowing you’re the first class to live in the house, you get to make the memories and stories that will told 50 years down the road. The scratch on the floor that made them move the couch to cover it from the one night your sister came home a little drunk and you all had a dance party in your 6 inch heels? Yeah you were there for it, and it will be a funny story told for years down the road.


new sorority

Alpha Delta Pi house set to open August 2015 at Ole Miss

Rushing any sorority has its ups and downs and like any sorority woman will tell you, we wish you the best of luck and hope you find your home. But don’t always put down the new sorority on campus because even if you don’t get to talk to the girl who will become your big during rush, you get to meet all the other girls who will become founding sisters with you and will form one of the strongest bonds of sisterhood you could ever feel.

new sorority


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