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I moved into my sorority house my Sophomore year. As a younger sister moving into the chapter house I was assigned to the “Six man.” Yes, six hormonal, college girls crammed into one room! It was the biggest room of the house containing three bunk-beds, six dressers and six closets. I learned very quickly that getting along with your roommates is essential. In most cases, one doesn’t have five roommates, but even with just one you will find it quite beneficial to become friends. Living in the chapter house is not like living in a dorm. In a dorm you can hate your roommate, and just avoid them for the year. Living with a sister means you are together during multiple events, such as meals and recruitment. Like I said, becoming friends is definitely a good idea. As quickly as I learned this, I formed bonds with my sisters that I thought were impossible. One of my roommates became my best friend, and the person I am planning on living with for my junior year as well.

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Personal space. What is that? This magical thing does not exist, however you soon find it does not matter. Having a friend and sister in every room of the house means they barge into your room unannounced at any time. Many nights you spend watching Netflix with sisters or studying until 3 am. They are always there, but I would not have it any other way. The best bonding times are not the big, mandatory events, but the times I will remember forever are the nights were you have to go on a Taco Bell run, and end up touring a neighboring college in the middle of the night. They are the nights when you are completely exhausted studying for midterms, and have a dance party in the middle of the formal room. It is these little things that I personally have loved the most, and I could not have experienced those without living in this nut house that we call home. You cannot get away from them ever, but I have no desire to do so.


“Quiet hours.” Nope. Every sorority establishes them, and every sorority breaks them. As my sorority’s Property Advisor, I am the one has the responsibility to enforce them. But really, the house will never be completely quiet. There will always be someone who comes home at 2am, on a Thursday night, and wakes up the whole house. Or someone who is just really loud and needs to have conversations late at night and have the entire house’s input. Going to bed at an appropriate time is almost impossible. But it also means that someone is awake to hang out with you when you can’t sleep and someone is always there to celebrate or cry with you.

Living in the house is an experience you will never get again. Never again will all your best friends be ten steps away. So if you get the lucky opportunity to live in your sorority house, do it. And enjoy every single moment because once its gone, you will not be able to get it back. It is nothing like I imagined, but it’s been even better.

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