Is He The One?

In this world there are two types of girls in this world. The one that actually want to go to college to get a degree and one that goes to college to get her M.R.S. degree and getting an education on the side just happens to be a plus. Before I went to college I was told that college was the time where you practice dating and get good at it so when we get out into the real world we are experts. For some girls dating is like breathing. For others, meaning me, its like trying to solve an AP Physics equation.

speed dasating

So you get asked out, spend all day primping and getting ready, go on the date, have the awkward goodbye, then you wait for the text, call, or tweet that will tell you how the night went as you or him hop for a second or third date. As you go through this routine over and over again up to the point that you’re actually kind of tired of it and you start to ask yourself if Mr. Right really does exist. As time travels on and each guy that comes around keeps driving you to a dead end you start to believe that Mr. Right is just a myth. So the only date night that you have includes you, Pink Moscato, Arctic Zero ice cream, and Netflix. You start to loose the desire to get your M.R.S. degree until the park happens.

my night

This spark starts out as a really good guy friend. I’m talking about the best guy friend a girl could have. He lets you rant without judgement, goes on late night Taco Bell runs with you, brings you wine and ice cream care packages when you are in one of your moods. As oblivious as you are you don’t see the way he looks at you or the fact that he knows basically everything you like dislike and down right hate. Yet since he knows you aren’t to that point yet he chills in the friend zone and waits for you to wake up.

guy friend

*RINGGGGG RINGGGG* There goes your alarm clock. You start seeing the little things that he does and he starts to look more and more attractive as time goes on. So you guys go on the first, second, and third date with no awkward goodbyes just butterflies. You both meet the parents, spend vacations with each other’s families, and you are each other’s dates to all the weddings as Hazel fromĀ Fault in our StarsĀ sates, “I fell in love the way you fall asleep. Slowly then all at once.” So the questions start building. “You love him now what? Is he the one?” Well you can always ask yourself this, “Do you see him by your side in five years? Does he support the crazy things that you love? Does he still open doors for you?” I think you have your answer. So watch out when the bouquet comes flying your way.


Angie Carmouche

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