I Went on a Date with Myself: Why Doing Your Own Thing Isn’t Weird

The other week I was having dinner with my family and  we were discussing the movies that were in and my sister mentioned she loved going to the movies by herself. I chuckled at her and made fun, but then she explained that this allowed her to do what she liked regardless of wether or not her friends were free.

So, I decided to try this last Saturday night during winter break. Boredom had hit me hard and I needed to get out of the house. I began to look up movie times and see what I was interested in. I was bummed that the movie I wanted to see wasn’t playing for another 2 hours. so, I decided to kill some time I’d do a little shopping and get something to eat.

I got all dolled up and was excited for the night ahead of me. I then ventured to the area around the theater and decided to get a few crafting supplies for all the crafts I’m making for my future little. When I was finished surveying all of the isles I had just enough time to grab a quick bite to eat. I decided on Chipotle.

Upon entering I was asked what I would like and I went down the empty line. I was then asked the simple question “Here or to go?” To which I nervously answered “Here.” From the dinning hall to a half empty Chipotle, I never liked eating alone. Eating alone to me always made me feel anxious. I am such a people person that to me eating alone feels like I don’t have any friends.

But, while sitting there alone enjoying my chicken bowl I realized something. Eating alone didn’t make me a weirdo. I didn’t have to sit there texting away or franticly reading a Buzzfeed article I saw on my Twitter. While yes, I felt weird sitting alone, I tried to enjoy the me time that the night was all about. I even saw another gentleman sitting alone eating as I was leaving which reenforced that, no I wasn’t a weirdo for eating alone.

I then was off to my double feature. I found my seat in the jam packed theater between a mother who was with her son and a teenage boy who was there with his parents. Yup, I was alone, but I was actually enjoying it. I didn’t have anyone annoyingly commenting to me thought the movie or wondering what the other person was thinking. I was simply enjoying myself.

I was on to my next movie where I’m pretty sure I laughed louder than the entire theater. After the movies I realized, “Wow, my sister was right. Going to the movies alone was great.” This whole experience made my think Why, as a society, do we always think do things on our own is a bad thing? …

So, I encourage you to go have some quality me time and do things you enjoy by yourself. Take yourself out and make sure You do you.

xo Lo

Lauren Fick

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