Huge Turn Offs (Told by Guys)

Aren’t we all curious every now and then about what may turn a guy off? Don’t lie. I am pretty sure most of you would Google search for the answers and then try to see if you unfortunately fit one of those turn offs. Well, search no more! I had a few guys answer, with all honesty, in what they find as turn offs and well, here is what they said:


13. When you try to change his personality or lifestyle.


12. When you expect him to buy anything and everything. (Relationships are a two-way street–both partners must contribute because it is only fair.)


11. When you’re already in a relationship but flirt around with other people. (This is just wrong in so many levels. The amount of respect is lost.)


10. We know you love make-up…But chill. (Some guys, correction: MEN, are actually honest when they say less is more.)


9. Of course a little sass is fine, but careful on over-doing it. (You could literally come off as a total b**** and not realize it.)


8. Poor hygiene….



Tenzin Tsephel

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