How To Perfectly Memorize The Greek Alphabet

The Greek alphabet is hard to memorize, and one night I got really bored so I decided to find a way to perfectly remember it. I made up a story, and don’t judge me for this, that used each Greek letter in order. So if you are having issues memorizing the Greek alphabet, look not further. Just use this little memorization device that I have created out of sheer boredom.

My New Member Education Chair asked that my sisters and I learn the Greek ALPHAbet.

“You BETA learn this or else you will be on social probation,” the NMOC said.

“Well, I GAMMA terrible memorizer, so I’ll have to figure that out,” I thought.

Instead of memorizing the Greek alphabet, I decided to look at DELTA airlines cheap tickets online to plan a trip to visit girls in my pledge class. Everything was so expensive though, I was so annoyed.

“Ughh, COME espsilON,” I said frustrated as hell. Then I found a super cheap ticket and I was like “Hell yeah, this is ZETAmazing.” Then my roommate got back from class and we chatted.

“Want to grab dinner?” I asked her.

“No, I ETA while ago, but thanks,” she responded.

“Damn, I THETA breakfast this morning, but we are going out tonight so IOTA carbo-load so I don’t get sloppy drunk tonight, ya know?” I said.

“I gotchu. So wait, what’s KAPPAning tonight?” my roommate asked.

“I don’t even know what the pLAMBDA is for tonight, I’ll text Alex and ask her what she’s doing after she is done with her MUsic class,” I responded.

“Dope. Let’s do something NU tonight, I’m so tired of doing XI same thing every weekend,” said my roommate. She’s such a little betch like that, because we totally don’t do the same thing every weekend.

OMICRON I know, right?” I replied just to please her, “luckily Alex just rePIed to my text and said she’s got a great plan for us tonight.”

RHO way, that’s great news… Wait do you smell that smoke?” It smelled like SIGMArettes or something in our room, which was weird because neither of us smoke. I didn’t smell it at all, though.

“What are you TAUking about?”

Upsilon… I forgot to blow out our candle,” my roomie said. She was such an idiot, sometimes.

“You know you could have started a PHIre, right?! Be f****** careful!”

“I’m sorry. Holy s*** CHIlye just texted me asking what I was doing tonight.” Kyle was the hot guys my roomie was hooking up with for the past few months.

“What are you going to say to him?”

“I don’t know,” she said with an exasperated PSI. She responded and he texted her back asking her to come over later. Lucky bitch was gonna get laid tonight. OMEGAwd, I was jealous. I still went out with Alex and we got trashed and it was a great night.

The end.

And that, my friends, is the really absurd way that I memorized the Greek alphabet.

Cashie Rohaly

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