10 Reasons Why It’s Great to Have a Boyfriend Who’s Greek

Greek life doesn’t just turn a boy into a man – he becomes a man you can date. Here’s 10 reasons why having a boyfriend who’s Greek makes everything better.

At the start of every fall and spring semester, you look around and see fraternity rush in full swing. Why does this matter? Because at the end, we know those fraternities will turn boys into men, men that make GREAT boyfriend material. Here’s a few reasons why having a boyfriend who’s Greek is awesome:

10. He’s way more likely to understand your sorority obsessions. Lilly Pulitzer, everything and anything with your letters on it, Vineyard Vines, your love for your line, crafting, and how great he looks in a bow-tie. He gets it, he’s experienced that Greek life has it’s own culture and if you’re lucky, he likes a lot of those things too.


9. He’s smart. Statistics show that Greek GPAs are better than those of their independent counterparts. Most fraternities even have some form of “study hours” to keep grades up to par.

Smart is Hot


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