Why Getting A Random Little Is Okay

Big-little relationships are probably the most important ones you’ll have in college. That’s not to say I don’t believe in love, rather I believe in sisterhood more at this point in my life. Not only are they important, but the weeks leading up to them are so exciting. You spend all summer (and all your money) on crafts for this sweet addition to the fam. All you’re waiting for now is to know her name so you can slap a bunch of monograms on it. You meet the new pledge class, you try out a few girls, before finding THE ONE. You’re so sure that she would be your perfect little, and you’re pretty sure she feels the same. You send in your vote to the New Member Moms, and start getting excited/anxious.

big little2

The day finally comes when you race to the house to get that piece of paper with her name, and a bunch of little facts about her like her favorite colors, candy, room scheme, and more. You excitedly rip open the envelope, almost ripping that precious piece of paper, and open it only to see a name that you don’t recognize. You didn’t meet her in the weeks prior, in fact you had no idea who she was. Naturally you go home to Facebook creep, but not before getting really upset that it wasn’t who you thought.next

Abigail Desjardins

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