30 Things Sorority Girls Secretly Want in Their Future Husbands

What Do Sorority Girls Want In Their Future Husbands?

Ever since we were youngwe have all dreamed about our wedding day. We’ve pictured ourselves in all different types of wedding dresses and planned out every last detail. But the one thing we haven’t been able to plan…who the groom is going to be. Sure, we’ve thought about what characteristics would make the perfect husband but what exactly are those characteristics? We have composed a list of 30 things (in no particular order) the every sorority girl secretly wants in her perfect husband. So boys, make sure you read closely if you’re trying to impress a certain sorority girl!


30. A man who isn’t afraid to show you unconditional love and affection

29. He understands the importance of Greek letters

28. Knows how to pull off a bow tie

27. He obviously needs to be a dog lover!

26. Someone who puts you first and understands the importance of family

25. A man with a plan for his life and career


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