Why the “Friend Zone” Isn’t Always The Worst Place To Be

To many people, the “Friend Zone” better known as a place you never want to be with a guy, is one of the most tragic places. In fact, once you’ve been friend zoned, you will more than likely grab a pint of your favorite ice cream, sit down, and watch your favorite chick flick.

I’ve been there before. I’ve been the girl crying over boys she would never have. I’ve been the girl that someone would be “just friends with”. After crying about it for more than I had wanted to, I made the realization that this may have been a good thing. I thought about how all my ex’s and I were never in a good place after we broke up. I then realized with these guys, my friends, our relationships would never ben non-existent.

Here are the reasons why you should appreciate being in the friend zone.

15. It means they care about you more than you think. I know it sounds crazy, but girlfriends come and go through guys lives pretty often. When you’re friends, they are stuck with you whether they like it or not. You’re also always there to to mend a broken heart with them with a hug or a beer.

14. You don’t have to impress them. They’ve seen you after you neglected to shower for days with not even an ounce of makeup on. They’ve also seen you eat a whole pizza, and they are proud of you for it.

In fact they know not to mess with your pizza.

13. They defend you. If another boy is hurting you, you can bet money that your guy friends will tell them off at your local college bar. Or they might just come up with a plan to help you forget.

12. They let you use their TV to watch your favorite sports teams. Lets be real, you and your roommates did not splurge enough to get all of the sports channels. So when in doubt, you’re guy friends will welcome you with open arms to include you on their plans just as long as you remember to bring along some beer.

11. They actually know the real you and still decide to be your friend.


Brittany Stec

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