Forever the Sober Cab, and Why I’m Okay With It (2)

Because an estimated 500,000 college students are injured either during or after drinking annually ( For me, last year, four of those 500,000 faces belonged to friends who thought that they would be fine driving back from the bars — but, they never made it home.

Probably four beers, and maybe four more shots? Now, four tombstones.

I will gladly give up my extra hour of studying, my Shark tank, and my full tank of gas for a car-full of drunk college students if it means that everyone gets home safe and sound.

So now, instead of waiting for that text around 10:45pm every Thursday, I send out a text of my own: “Hey, I know you guys are going downtown tonight, so let me know when you want to leave. I’ll pick you all up.”

Tess (Twitter: @tessiagroen) fancies herself to be the real-life, much shorter (but no less fabulous) version of Elle Woods, juggling Sorority Lyfe and a future law degree in one hand, and a Venti Vanilla Latte in the other. She actually enjoys school, is 99% sure she was a disney princess in a former life, and can usually be found somewhere with a lot of books.

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