How To Be On FLEEK For NYE Portrayed By Gossip Girl

For the young adults that choose to go out into the big city to celebrate New Years Eve with their squad, there are a few rules to follow. And who makes the best rules to follow when it comes to painting the town red and throwing lavish parties? Well the lovely people that make up Gossip Girl of course. Leave it to the teenagers of the upper east side to throw the most memorable party. Follow these simple rules and everyone will remember how they spent their New Years Eve with you… or maybe not.

You’re wearing a potato sack

From the wise words of Eleanor Waldorf, “If you’re going to wear one of my creations, make sure it fits properly.” This goes for anything that you wear. Yet on New Years Eve, it’s one of the few nights that you want to look oh so fabulous. So you want to make sure that your dress is fitting in all the right places and highlighting your assets.  

dress to the 9


If you and your friends decide to party at home for the night, this sets you up to turn the night into a themed party. Take notes from Ms. Blair Waldorf, the queen of parties and the themes to go with them. A themed party just makes letting lose a little more easier. So follow in the footsteps of Queen B herself and pull out your book of themes. You can never go wrong with a masquerade or A Kiss On The Lips theme just to name a few.

themed party


Angie Carmouche

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