How I Fell In Love With The Wrong Major

Since I could walk and stumble into a doctor’s office for my first check up, I’ve only dreamed of one day becoming a hero in scrubs. I wanted to live to keep others alive and healthy. I wanted to be a nurse.

I thought it was my purpose in life. I thought it was my dream career and the only thing that I was destined for. But, I was wrong.

From an outside point of view, being a nurse seemed like the absolute perfect profession. My job would be to make people better, serve as a health care promoter, and I would work daily to put back together what was fractured or broken. I was ready to meet the needs of others. I was ready to be someone’s hand to hold and shoulder to lean on. I was ready for a life devoted to caring for individuals, families, and communities. But, I was not ready for the commitment, emotional stability, and struggle that it took. 

Of course I knew it took time, hard work, and dedication. But I didn’t know exactly how much it would take. Since I was a freshman in high school, I was aware of the needed schooling, requirements, degree plan, etc. I had it all planned out. I picked my top three choice colleges to rank the top in nursing. I joined my college’s nursing organization on campus. I even had a Pinterest board of nursing quotes, lingo, and scrubs.



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