False Assumptions About Greek Life

It’s not a surprise that Greek Life gets a lot of bad representation in the media and out. To lighten some of the tensions here is a list of things that you might have heard about Greek Life that is ENTIRELY false. Take a look:








10. We “buy” our friends.

This one gets said a lot and I find it pretty hilarious because it’s not true. We form friendship, we do not buy it. The dues we pay go towards national fees, chapter operating costs, and our social functions.









9. We’re cliquey.

Yeah, we like to hang around with each other a lot. So? This does not mean we’re cliquey. If you just tried to get to know us you would understand.









8. All we do is party.

No. A lot of us value education. We are still regular college students. Just because a few of us go out a few times doesn’t mean that’s ALL we do. Many of us like to keep each other grounded and even form study groups together because that’s what college is mostly about.


7. We’re a cult.

This one is my favorite. Not because it is true, because it is ridiculous. Like, OHHHH YAH we drink blood! Haha! You got us!….No.









6. We’re all spoiled little rich kids.

Some of us are friggin’ broke. Just because we’re in Greek Life doesn’t mean we’re all preppy, little, rich kids driving around in our nice set of wheels…Although that would be nice.










Tenzin Tsephel

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