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Sorority girls around the country are thankful for fraternity pledges. It is pledges that can be our safe ride to and from social events (read: drink, dranky drunk parties) and they are always assuming the role of bartender, also known as the best person at the party. Well, there is one pledge that is making his mark on people throughout the nation: everybody, meet Puppy Pledge, the dude who is voluntarily sending people pictures of all kinds of adorable fluffy puppies. He is taking over social media more than Psy was in 2012 with Gangnam style.

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The pledge is allegedly studying in Nebraska. To stress, #PuppyPledge is not being forced to do this. According to TSM, the pledge said, “a group of guys just got together and thought it’d be funny and it went viral… I honestly like to think I’m making light of a tough situation Greek life is going through with a harmless act that embodies everything it means to be frat.”

The kid has a point: being frat is not about being a douchebag with a popped collar and an affinity for banging chicks and drinking beer. Being frat means being a part of a community of fun-loving and motivational individuals. If that motivation needs to come in the form of a text of a puppy, then so be it. Greek life is constantly getting sh** on. We all know it and we all know that there are members of the community whose actions will inevitably lead us to get sh** on even more. This is a nice reminder that we have genuinely good people in our community, people who deserve to be recognized and appreciated.

I seriously wish #PuppyPledge would reveal himself so that I could personally find him, hug him and thank him for this awesome idea. I am sure  I am not the only one that wants to meet this sweet and funny frat boy. If he is ever identified I guarantee he will be swimming in girls, proving that some good deeds do go unpunished.

Keep on keeping on, Puppy Pledge.

Ps- I know you’re busy but I’m still waiting for my puppy picture.

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