Every “Look” a College Girl Gets: DECODED (2)

Each school has the one weekday that everyone chooses to go out. At my school we all go downtown to the country dance bar every Wednesday night. It’s always the day after having a really good time that you receive the “So you turned up last night?” look. This notoriously partners with the raised eyebrows, the devious smirk, and the knowing eyes of a record holding turn ups in the past. With this look, people either own up to it or simply say HA HA and continue to sleep through class. Word of advice…..take an aspirin sweetie.


There always happens to be that one guy at every party that just does the most and he locks you in with the “You’re mine tonight” look, meaning he’s basically undressing you with eyes and coming up with a plan to make you his. That’s when you spend the rest of your night playing cat and mouse with the honor student of the University of Creepers!



Angie Carmouche

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