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Everyone has that favorite fraternity. It’s the one you inevitably end up at every weekend. Whether you start there or not, you’ll always end up on their back porch at one in the morning singing some loud patriotic, country song. Maybe your boyfriend or crush is a brother, or the guys are ridiculously hot. Maybe it’s where all your friends are or where you’re the most comfortable. For me, I spend A LOT OF TIME (as in every weekend) at one house. The guys are genuine, easy to talk to, and my boyfriend is rushing there next Fall.

Now, it’s story time. Once upon a time, naive first semester me went out every weekend to New Row. This grand stretch of glorious houses, filled with more than enough new boys could entertain my friends and I for hours. In a big university like mine, there are thirty fraternities. A few are well known, either as being great or completely underrated. Everyone else kind of falls in the middle. Every now and then, we would venture to Old Row – which we viewed as the slightly forgotten area. The houses may be smaller and the amount of members typically matched it. After going to more than a few bigger fraternity parties, my also naive friends and I ended up in a quiet Old Row house (which I will continue to leave unnamed). This place was different – the bathrooms were always clean and well decorated, there were enough people to have fun without it being cramped, and you could talk without yelling to the person next to you. After going to the house once and coming back a few weekends later, I discovered the best part of the fraternity. The brothers cared to know my name.

Okay, about now you’re probably reading this thinking, so what? Maybe I’m just too quiet to approach people or no one wants to remember my name at the other houses. But that wasn’t it. It’s not for lacking of trying by the brothers in other houses – it’s just these guys were able to be friends with literally everyone who walked through the door. There were no closed parties and they could care less if you’re Greek or not. They just want to have fun, which is why I like them.

If you mentioned this fraternity to me in the beginning of the year, I doubt I would have known anything about them outside of their placement on Old Row. There are nice guys and terrible guys in every house and neither should be judged by their letters. So, my lesson to all of you lovely women (and men, if you’re reading this) is to not judge a house by its reputation or a guy by the letters he wears. Every brother earned his right to wear them and if he was chosen by an organization, there’s a reason why. Venture out from the fraternities you always hear about and meet some new people. You never know where you’ll meet the brothers who you’ll personally decide make up the best house on campus.

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