Dating the Face of the Fraternity

Whether he’s the president, on exec, or king frat, it can be hard dating someone who represents an entire fraternity.

He’s the guy every one knows.
Meaning, yes, even every girl knows him, too (and has probably already thought of booting you out of your position).

You get to know all of his bros. Every. Single. One.
He has such a tight relationship with his bros, that it just screams brotherhood. Therefore, you get to reap the benefits and really get to know a fraternity you probably didn’t have a second thought about when you first joined. But you love them each like your own brothers.

In public, it’s always all about the frat.
You never catch him without either a rush shirt or his letters on. He is dedicated to showing his pride in his house. Which is admittedly kind of cute, but you still wish he’d wear your crush tank at least once.

He’s not afraid of anything.
Meaning that if given a challenge, he most certainly will do it no matter how reckless it is. And how many times you tell him that no, he cannot surf down the stairs on the couch and it doesn’t matter how much cushion is on it, you want your security deposit back and your boyfriend alive.

His confidence level is off the charts.
Being the main person people think of when they think of a fraternity is a high honor, and a major confidence boost. It’s nice to see him hold his head high- even when you have to hold it over the toilet. #FRATHARD

No matter who he meets, you’re still his girl.
Sure, he may meet several girls a night. All more than likely to have flirted and tried to see if they can sneak a pass. But at the end of the day, it’s you he comes home to, and you who he’s thinking about when he’s out. You that he’s proud to have. And you’re sure proud to have him.


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