College Girl Explains Crazy First F*ckboy Experience

It seems that over the last year or so fuckboys have became a trending topic in every girls life. I am here to share my first experience of actually dealing with a fuckboy. There have been times where I have been able to spot them soon enough before I fell for their sweet smooth words. Yet this one guy I knew for years and I became a victim of his fuckboy tendencies.

So listen, here is how it went down. I met this guy, let’s call him Chuck, I met Chuck my freshman year of college and he started to pursue me. I didn’t really give him the time of day yet I kept it friendly since I had class with him every other day of the week and I couldn’t avoid seeing him. Freshman year passes and sophomore year slides through and I see him more than ever because I became an athletic trainer and he was a football player so it was inevitable. He continued to pursue me and I continued to shut him down. Don’t get me wrong he was a very nice guy, but my gut feeling would not allow me to give in to his sweet words. Now it is the present and I am a junior in college and he came around one last time. Tis time I allowed myself to go for a test drive. We hung out a couple times and I started feeling a little bit comfortable with him. So I told myself, ” Self, you haven’t talked to a guy in a while now so maybe you can grow to like him over time.” Looking back that sounded so shallow and stupid that I just can’t.

The weeks go on and as the time goes by red flags start appearing. The first one was when he was talking about how the last girl he talked to came to stay with him for a week and the biggest thing that bothered him was that how she didn’t have dinner waiting for him once he got off of work. I didn’t know that we were still living in the 1950’s where the women stayed at home waiting for their dear husbands. He dropped hints of him wanting me to cook by saying, “Man I sure am hungry!” I picked up on this so quickly, in my head I’m saying, “Well dear let me just hop right up and start cooking you a big meal!” Right because I have the money to fill my fridge up with all the ingredients for a hearty meal. The second red flag was when I was dropping him off at a friends apartment because I was finally able to hang out with one of my best friends so I chose my best friend over him. While we were in the car he said to me, “You know if we were dating I wouldn’t be allowing this. You wouldn’t be going to hang out with your friends over me I wouldn’t allow it to happen.” Well excuse the life out of me. I was put on edge with the comment that he left me with once he got out of my car. The following night we were on facetime and he was asking about a falling out I had in the past that involved a mutual friend and he called me a child for the whole situation. The following day he was at the basketball game with our mutual friend and he decided to have a little conversation with him. You know when people are talking about you just by the body language that they have and that night they were showing all the signs. That night I made the decision that I couldn’t talk to a guy knowing I can’t trust him. Days go by and I was still on my streak for not speaking to him when one of my friends told me he was talking to another girl during the same time we were talking. Yet everyone knew that he was with her because she catered to his every needed. Cooked when he said she was hungry, gave him a place to stay because he didn’t have a place of his own, and he was able to control her anytime that he wanted to. She would go to our friend’s house and tell them that she couldn’t stay very long. Our friends would ask why and she would say it was because he was mad that she wasn’t at home. He would call her and demand that she come home and of course she would do what he told her to. This could have been me if I never noticed that the red flags that went off. Fuckboy tendencies is becoming a common disease that all women should know the signs of.

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Angie Carmouche

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